Greetings Members

Debbie and I left home on May 17 to stay with relatives in Yuba City (north of Sacramento) on our way to the Quincy rally.  Then we headed north on SR-70, and we had a wonderful journey through the mountains, with all the rushing water next to the highway.  

Quincy was just as we left it two years ago, and the peaceful Pioneer RV Park was great as always. 

On Saturday night Neal Rosenthal and I attended the Dirt track car races at the Fairgrounds adjacent to the RV Park. When we got to the ticket booth, it was well after the races had started, and I asked if there was a Senior discount. The young lady said, "Yes, it would only be $7.00." Then Neal said to her, "Is there any way that we could get in for free, since the racing already started?" She hesitated and then said, "Sure, I could let you guys in." We were both astonished! As for the racing, there were at least four or five heats starting with cars that looked and sounded okay, but as the next groups came to the track, the cars were larger and faster, and the drivers were better prepared. It was very noisy, but if you love racing of any sort, you would have loved it. Neal and I had a great time!!

Chinook History
At the Quincy rally, I talked about the Chinook history. Here's the link to "". Going back to the beginning in 1938, it details the complete history of how Chinooks evolved over the years. It's a great story! Enjoy!

Welcome New Members
I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome the following new members, and to welcome returning members Jerry and Kelli Scheese. Thank you very much for joining our club, and we hope to see you at future rallies. Feel free to send us an email or call with any ideas you may have about possibly hosting a rally. We really appreciate the support!!
  • Les and Janet Atlas - Seattle, WA
  • Gary and Karen Bovyer - Hurricane, UT
  • Jean-Yves and Thu-Lan Delestrez, Fremont, CA
  • Juan and Irma Garza - Ravenna, TX 
  • Andrea Jacobson and Phillip Olson II - Boulder, CO
  • Gary Adamson - Albuquerque, NM
Club Secretary volunteers needed!!!
In the coming months our Nominating Committee (Dave Shehane, Juliana Geleszinski, and Debbie Shetland) will be canvassing our membership for candidates, so we can hold an official election for Secretary at our next annual rally in November at the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA in Watsonville, CA. Please think about volunteering for this important position. Duties include taking and publishing minutes of the Annual Rally Election and Board meetings.

Don't forget to register for the upcoming 2017 rallies.
-- Bob Shetland, President
Upcoming Rallies Snapshot
  • Branson, MO - In September 25, Out September 30, 2017 - East Meets West at Branson Lakeside RV Park, hosted by Jim and Marnie Weidmaier. (see article)
  • Lake Pleasant, AZ - Mini/Flash Rally - Stop for 1, 2, or 3 nights October 3 - 6, 2017, hosted by Mary and Bob Coleman. (see article)
  • Watsonville, CA (14th Annual) - In November 8, Out November 12, 2017 - Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA, hosted by Bob and Debbie Shetland. (see article)

  • Yuma, AZ - being planned for late February or early March, 2018, hosted by Jenelle and Don Alastra.

  • Planning other 2018 and 2019 Rallies Now
Wait a minute!
Don't read too fast or you'll
miss this important message.
  • Don't miss the chance to save a bunch of money - have your site paid for during the entire rally plus a day before and a day after.
  • You know how you're always saying, "I wish we'd have a rally closer to home"? - well, you get to pick the location; it could even be your favorite RV Park.
  • Have your own ideas about what would be fun to do at a rally? - now's your chance!
  • Get expenses reimbursed up to $400! - for Meet & Greet, prizes, van rental, etc.

Let's talk about hosting a Mini Rally!
Contact me at
I'll walk you through it and help you along the way . . . cause that's my job.

Debbie Shetland, V.P. of Rallies

QUINCY, CA   Mini Rally Recap
Held May 18 - 21, 2017
Pioneer RV Park, 1326 Pioneer Rd, Quincy, CA 95971
Attendees (left to right) - Front Row Seated: Bob Shetland, Thu-Lan Delestrez, Linda Davis, Olga and Jeff Johnson. Front Row Standing: Patsy Shehane, Linda Blackburn, Jan and Jim Still.  Second Row: Jean-Ives Delestrez, Mary Gardner, Kellie Scheese, Kathy Bailey, Barbara Jensen, Debbie Shetland, Margie Froess, Marta Wall, Patty White, Ray Balckburn (hiding behind Jan). Back Row: Jerry Scheese (hiding behind Kelly), Neal Rosenthal, Jan Olmstead, Ole Jensen, Bert Wall, Juliana a nd Jim Geleszinski, Skip White (hiding behind Patty) and Dave Shehane (hiding behind Ray). 
Boy did we have a great time at Quincy! Kathy and Jan did a wonderful job, as always, with help from Kathy's niece Marguerite (Margie's daughter), Kathy and Jan's friend Trish McCrum, and former club members Jim and Jan Still. We did a bunch of things together, and there was plenty of time to relax, work puzzles, trade books, go for hikes, just visit, and even watch baseball and hockey games on the big screen in the clubhouse. In all we had 30 attendees plus a number of the four-legged variety.

On Thursday we had our Meet and Greet with a wine and deli spread. It was so nice to see our friends again and to greet new members - it was the first rally for Linda Davis and Neal Rosenthal from Santa Barbara, CA, who recently bought a 1998 Concourse XL. Also, during the evening, we were surprised to see a 1997 Concourse drive up to the office to check in. Of course, a few of our members went right over to introduce themselves and greet these fellow Chinookers. It turns out that Jean-Yves and Thu-Lan Delestrez from Fremont, CA, had done a little research after purchasing their rig, found out about the Quincy rally, and decided to come on by and see what our club was all about. Needless to say, we welcomed them with open arms and charmed them into joining up. It was great getting to know Linda, Neal, Jean-Yves and Thu-Lan! Hope you come to more rallies soon.

On Friday a local Forest Service Rep came by in the morning and told us all about the great program they have with local schools. Many hung around after for our traditional Tech Talk covering usual items such as tires "age out" before they wear out, needing to be replaced at 3 to 4 year intervals; batteries should be monitored and checked on a regular basis; and overall RV maintenance.

We lucked out and had food left over from the Meet and Greet that Kathy and Jan put out for lunch - don't we all just love free food!

That night's pot luck was full of tasty dishes - and more wine, of course more wine. After dinner Marguerite successfully led us through a bunch of Bingo games, despite a few wise-cracking players - winners got lottery tickets. As far as I know, nobody won big, but since Kathy told us we had to give her a cut . . . I'm just sayin'.
Saturday began with coffee and donuts provided by Wes and Diane from the RV Park, which I didn't take any pictures of because I can't be trusted that close to donuts. The pictures below are from that evening's Salad Bar & BBQ Dinner; we all brought a salad to share and something to throw on the BBQ. After dinner Linda Davis surprised all the gals by letting us choose from an assortment of beautiful stone bracelets that she made. Thanks again Linda. I love mine!
Here's a shot from the Dirt Track Races at the Fairgrounds that Bob and Neal Rosenthal enjoyed on Saturday night.
On Sunday, although some stayed extra days, most of us sadly said our good-byes to new friends and old - hope to see you all again soon.
BRANSON, MO   Mini Rally    September 25 - 30, 2017
East Meets West Joint Rally
LOCATION:  Branson Lakeside RV Park, 300 South Boxcar Willie Drive, Branson, MO 65616 (located right on the White River, also called Lake Taneycomo)
HOSTS:  Jim and Marnie Weidmaier
RESERVATIONS & CONTACT:  All inquiries and reservations should to be directed to Jim at or (816) 262-9638 to eliminate double booking or confusion.
SITES RESERVED:  41 sites reserved and filled
COST:  $135.20 + Optional Activities
DEADLINE:  July 15, 2017 to be added to the waiting list; August 15, 2017 all money due.

  • Tuesday:  Branson Belle at 4:00pm
  • Thursday:  Dixie Stampede at 4:00pm

There's been a great response for this rally. Forty sites have now been secured for use of both the eastern and the western clubs, and they are full! In addition, we have one person on the waiting list at present. Jim says that the campground can’t give us any more spaces. 
As of June 11th this is the list of attendees:

Western Club (13):
Weidmaier, Phillips, Gorden, Shetland, Alastra, DeMartini, Earley, Raudman (west and east), Pierson, White, Geleszinski, Adamson, Garza
Eastern Club (28):
Day, Person, Burks, Breeding, Rutter, Woyner, McCluski, Henderson, Norris, Arnold, Gregory, Gibson, Stamper, Schurr, Poole, Oneto, Blackwell, Cantrell, Morales, Bedwell, Murdock, Ruggiero, Cremens, Bliss, Shaffer, Jackson, Hull, Bosley
Attending sans Chinooks:  
Dennison (east and west), Disbrow (east)
Waiting List: 
Wroble (east),  Leverette (east),  Cocco (east)

Jim is really pulling out the stops to ensure that everyone is able to see the fun stuff Branson has to offer. We will have two 15-passenger vans available to take folks anywhere at any time. 

Jim is going to secure tickets for two attractions, and we’d like to start to get a headcount of how many people are interested in going to these two shows. The first one is Showboat Branson Belle, dinner, entertainment, and cruise for $51.59 a head. The second is the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Show, cost of $45.75 a head. Depending on number of those attending a transportation fee may have to be added. PLEASE SEND JIM AN EMAIL IF YOU'D LIKE TO GO TO ONE OR BOTH OF THESE ATTRACTIONS.

  • The cut-off date for going on the waiting list has been moved to JULY 15th. 

  • MONEY FOR ATTRACTIONS MUST BE INCLUDED WITH THE RALLY FEE -- TOTAL IS DUE BY AUGUST 15th. Send check for rally plus one or both attractions made out and payable to: James Weidmaier, 19119 Hwy. 59, Country Club, MO 64505
       $135.20 Rally
    + $  51.59 Showboat Branson Belle
    + $  45.75 Dixie Stampede Dinner Show

  • IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO COME BEFORE OR TO STAY AFTER the five days of the rally, you need to make those arrangements through the campground, not through Jim. Extra days before and after the rally will be at the campground’s regular rates. Not sure what sites you would get either. If you need to speak to the campground, call (417) 334-2915. The name of the person you must speak to is Denise.
LAKE PLEASANT, AZ     Mini/Flash Rally 
October 3 - 6, 2017
Hank Raymond Lodge at Lake Pleasant is a private facility on the lower lake. It is dry camping with a twist. The lodge is like a two master bedroom house with a large meeting room. Showers and bathroom facilities are available 24/7. There are two 30 Amp and/or two 50 Amp service, plus lots of 110 outlets available. There is no limit on the number of rigs, only access to electric. Fill water is available. No dump station.
  • Helena and Monte Gorden have offered to bring their pontoon boat for cruising on Lake Pleasant.
  • Fishing on the lower lake does not require a license.
  • Wed thru Fri:  Continental Breakfast - help yourself in the kitchen
  • Tues Night:  Cold Buffet
  • Wed Lunch:  Hot Dogs & Chili
  • Wed Dinner:  Fish Fry
  • Thurs Lunch:  Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
  • Thurs Dinner:  Bob's 6" Slump (stew made in an electric skillet - Good!)

COST PER RIG          $0.00

Contact Mary and Bob Coleman at 623-825-7207, or email

WATSONVILLE, CA (14th Annual Rally)
November 8 - 12, 2017

Monterey Bay is the hub of many activities and fun places to visit! The Santa Cruz KOA is based in the center, making it the perfect base camp for our 2017 Annual Rally!

LOCATION:  Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay KOA, 1186 San Andreas Rd Watsonville, CA 95076
HOSTS:  Bob and Debbie Shetland
RESERVATIONS & CONTACT:  Bob Shetland at or (949) 300-6390, or Debbie Shetland at or (949) 300-5231
COST:  $180.00 ($45.00 per night) + TBD for Excursions
Send check for $180 made out and payable to:  Bob Shetland, 28402 Daroca, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
DEADLINE: October 7, 2017
ACTIVITIES:  Annual Meeting and Dinner plus other activities TBD

This is our annual meeting, where we will vote for open board positions, review finances, and discuss upcoming rallies and other club business. We need 15 rigs for a quorum. Please attend and support your club.

So far we have the following people attending:
Bob & Debbie Shetland, Jane & Jerry Earley, Dave & Patsy Shehane, Bob & Vera Raudman,  Monte & Helena Gorden, Pat & Terri Runyon, Bert & Marta Wall, Kathy Bailey & Jan Olmsted, Margie Froess, Trish McCrum. (Let us know if I missed anyone.)

Contact Bob or Debbie to reserve your spot now.

Hope to see you there!

If you're up for taking a 32-mile trip south, this is worth a visit. Once the heart of Monterey's canning industry, Cannery Row is now a bustling shopping area. There are more than 150 stores located along the six-block stretch of Cannery Row between Reeside and David Avenue. Fishermans Wharf is lined with seafood restaurants, fish markets, art galleries, specialty shops, candy stores, and a theater, as well as fishing, diving, sight-seeing and whale-watching charter and tour companies.
One of the featured attractions on Cannery Row is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It has one of the best designs going with a unique two-story tank in which swim sunfish, sharks, and the occasional diver. Sand dabs are displayed on shelf-like tanks, a school of sardines swim in an endless circle in a cylindrical tank, and jellyfish look like something from another planet.

Just 9 miles away, Capitola Village is dotted with unique boutiques and gift shops as well as dozens of intimate dining hideaways and ocean view restaurants.
The KOA is located just under 1 mile from Manresa State Beach. Miles of sand, park lands and bike paths extend the length of Santa Cruz County. Watch the fishing boats bring in the daily catch and enjoy fresh crab and San Francisco Sourdough. Enjoy some BBQ'd oysters, a local's favorite! Waterfront restaurants and souvenir shopping are available up and down the coast.

Lots of local wineries to visit, including Alfaro Family Vineyards & Winery, which was voted "Best Local Winery" four years by Good Times Magazine readers' poll. Open Saturdays from 12:00 to 5:00 pm all year.
Chinook RV Club
Vehicle Name Plaques Available
     Available to Members for Just $35.00  
These plaques are durable engraved plastic, so they will not fade or wear out, and come with a chain to hang on your Chinook. Club members proudly display them at rallies to identify their coaches.

To order send your check for $35 directly to Barbara Jensen, 1255 S. Sandy Hill Drive, West Covina, CA 91791. Include the names as you would like them displayed on the plaque, including your city, state. 
  Club Officers 2016
      Bob Shetland
V. P. Membership:
     Dave Shehane
V. P. Rallies:
      Debbie Shetland
Provisional Secretary:
      Patsy Shehane 
      Mary Coleman
Member-At- Large:
      Barbara Jensen     (626) 919-0751
Immediate Past President:
      Dave Shehane
Other Club Positions
      Dave Shehane
      Debbie Shetland
Club Historian:

     PURPOSE: This Club (Chinook RV Club) exists to promote social, recreational & informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment and pleasurable use of all its members. Our club functions primarily in the western and central US, although it is open to qualified members from the Eastern club (Chinook Camping Club).
     DUES : Our dues are $35.00/year. Our fiscal and membership year is October 1 through September 30. Prompt payment not only helps Treasurer in budgeting expenses, but also helps the V.P. Membership to produce our Membership Directory. Please advise V.P. Membership of any changes in e-mail and mailing addresses.