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July 11, 2016
Success Story: How Reel Gardening Went From an Idea to a Successful Business
At 16 years old, Claire Reid was determined to start a garden, but the process was more difficult than she anticipated. She had to buy seeds and fertilizer in industrial quantities, and she had no easy way to measure the correct distance and depth to plant her seeds. Adding to her frustration, once the seeds germinated, she couldn't tell the difference between plant and weed.  So Claire got an idea...
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CORRECTION: In last month's newsletter, we incorrectly attributed Surehatch to Powering Agriculture's roster of innovators. Surehatch is a grantee of Feed the Future

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Securing Water for Food is preparing for the 4th Global Call for Innovations.  Expect the official announcement in August. We are seeking industry influencers to help us spread
the word.  If you are interested in helping us to create awareness and stimulate interest among water-ag innovators,  drop us a line at  securingwaterforfood@gmail.com .