The Role of Gratitude While Coping With a Cancer Diagnosis

As we leave behind a year that brought us a pandemic and other uncertainties, it may be important to recognize the role of gratitude in keeping us healthy and fulfilled.

This is also true for those facing a cancer diagnosis, when people can feel overwhelmed by stress. Stress is entirely natural, and finding ways to remain positive in these circumstances can be difficult. CancerCare's Cecilia Acosta, MSW, LSW, writes in Oncology Nurse Advisor about how finding moments to be grateful for the things around us can contribute to stronger mental health and overall well-being: 

During difficult situations, our attention may narrow to focus on what we are lacking or missing at that time. Our brain may trick us into believing that there is nothing to be grateful for. A useful tip is to remind ourselves to pause daily and acknowledge the good things in our lives. Research shows that people who focus on the good are often able to cope better during difficult times, are more resilient, and have the ability to bounce back faster from traumatic and/or life-changing events.

While these practices may be hard, it is important for caregivers and patients to focus on the good when they can. This can help boost the effects of treatment and other care they receive. CancerCare continues to work for the benefit of anyone affected by cancer and look forward to new possibilities in the new year. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, CancerCare is able to offer our assistance free of charge, enabling as many as possible to remain grateful for even more in their lives. 

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