ENewsletter - November 2018
Does Gratitude play a role in Business?


Often thought of as more of a touchy feel-y thing than a solid business strategy, gratitude plays a role in business just as it does in "real life".

When you are grateful, interesting things happen:

  • you feel better
  • you make others feel better
  • customers and employees feel appreciated and more engaged
  • expressing appreciation is contagious; others will follow your example
  • you find even more things to be grateful for
  • gratitude improves your psychological and physical health

Who doesn't love feeling appreciated? A sincere thank you can go a long way in encouraging people to continue more of whatever prompted the sentiment. For example, if you thank an employee for doing a particular task (let's say, washing their dishes in the office kitchen vs. leaving dirty dishes on the counter...), they are likely to wash their dishes again next time. (Not that this has ever been an issue...I'm just saying!)

When you thank a client for specific feedback on a certain issue, they're more likely to provide feedback again next time.

When you thank a supplier for providing much more than was required, that supplier is likely to go above and beyond again next time.

In the incentive world that has been my background, we can think of gratitude as "free incentives". While there's ample proof that tangible incentives are very effective in the workplace, a sincere thank you is also processed in our brains as a "rewarding experience".

In this season of Thanksgiving, take a moment to think about the things that make you feel grateful. I'm particularly grateful for clients who hire me to do interesting work, for new challenges and for all of you who open and read this newsletter every month!

Wishing you the opportunity to express your gratitude this season - let me know how it goes!
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