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The Role of the Tester in 2020 
     Today's software businesses are focused on rapidly developing and releasing their products faster than ever before, but how does this affect the QA divisions, and what trends should the tester focus on in the next four years?
     As development becomes more specialized, with new technologies and frameworks, it is essential that today's testers are quick learners. Examples of test automation frameworks and tools that top employers are looking for include: qTest, PractiTest, Zephyr, Test Collab, TestFLO for JIRA, XQual, TestCaseLab, QAComplete, QACoverage, JIRA, TestRail, TestLodge, HP ALM/Quality center, QMetry, Testuff, Gemini, TestLink, Silk Central, IBM Rational Quality Manager. Most of these tools are not open source and only provide test case management, leaving the integration of external tools with the job of tracking bugs. The trend of testers becoming more technically savvy, with expanded tool skill sets for identifying risks early, is likely to continue.
     By 2020, the role of the tester will also be more focused on continuously monitoring the product and reporting back any deviations that arise during creation. Fast feedback will become essential during production to decrease these delay loops. One can also assume that security testing will continue to become vital in the test automation process, to ensure the sanctity of user data. For example, we expect to see a greater emphasis on such areas as: functional security tests, specific non-functional tests against known weaknesses, security scanning of the application and infrastructure, and security testing application logic.
     The future role of the tester will still be relevant if not critical to organizations; however, as we progress technologically, the tester's responsibilities are going to change with it. In order to gear up for the world of 2020, the best testers will be those that embrace the newest technology, stay up to date with the impact code changes have on production, provide quick feedback, and understand how to fix the root cause of any problem that may occur during production.
To stay up to date on the newest trends in the QA industry, here are examples of local conferences:
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CAST - Grand Rapids, MI link  
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