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The Roller Coaster of Emotions
We have been asked how we are feeling about the move to Florida and my answer seems to be the same.  I (Nate) don't know what to feel!

Sad.  We are so sad to leave the staff that we have trained and raised up here in Costa Rica.  They have become our family and will be greatly missed.  We are going to miss our Pastors who are the backbone of everything that we have done here.  They are leading incredible churches and have endured through so many difficult situations to see the kingdom of God advance!  They are my heroes!  We have met so many amazing people here that have forever stolen our hearts.

Proud.  We just had the President of Praying Pelican Missions here two weeks ago.  He was shocked at how strong the ministry of PPM in Costa Rica is.  Fantastic relationships have been built, a strong army of incredible staff have been trained and released all over the country, our partner churches are thriving, and we can leave in peace knowing we did what God called us to do!  We thank Jesus and give Him all the glory for using us despite our many weaknesses and failures throughout these three years.

Happy.  We are excited to start a new chapter of our story.  A new state to discover, a new house to grow in, a time to find a church to be nourished in, a new community to serve in.

Hopeful.  Even though we are moving to a state where we are basically starting over, we feel God is setting us up to thrive as a family and in ministry.  Nate's new role will be to lead and train all of the PPM international staff and work on our international partner development.  Nate has been overseeing Operations in Nicaragua and Guatemala during very trying times, yet God was faithful to bring glory to Jesus through it all!

Nervous.  We know we shouldn't be, but we are.  This is a huge change.  Think about this...Isaiah has lived longer in Costa Rica than in Ethiopia and the USA combined!  We know culture shock is a real thing.  We know the USA has changed a lot over the past three years.  But we are confident that this is our next step.  Please pray for the kids as they will start in a new school August 15th!

We desperately need your prayers as we say our final goodbyes in Costa Rica and start new hellos in Florida!
As we fly to Florida, we continue to be grateful to be your missionaries!  Our areas of influence are expanding to more countries, and being based in Florida gives us great access to be able to fly anywhere quickly!  Plans are already being made to go to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Belize, and the Dominican Republic this year!  Our needs only become greater as our influence expands.  To support us on a monthly basis, go to:
7 Days Left in Costa Rica!
Currently Nate is leading a trip in San Rafael with Pastor Adolfo!  You can follow the two Trip Journal links here for the week:  Immanuel Church & Bay Presbyterian Church.

Laura has been busy packing up the house and making sure the large contents of the house get donated to their proper new homes.

Starting August 3rd we will be staying at a hotel in town as our home has to be emptied.  We will be making many trips to our house in Costa Rica as people pick up the items that will bless their homes.

Sunday, August 5th we will go to our Costa Rican home church for the last time.  We have grown to love this body of believers so much!

Monday, August 6th our good friends will drive us to San Jose and we will spend our final night there in order to be able to catch our plane on Tuesday, August 7th to Florida.

August 8th we will be unloading the truck that has the items from our storage unit that was in Delaware.  We are so thankful for our friend who volunteered to drive it down and for other friends that are helping to load it!  

Housewarming Registry!
It's time to move.  With only 7 days left we have a lot of needs to settle into our new "home." 

Many people have asked us what we will need upon our return so we have put together a few registries if you'd like to help us set up our home.  The gifts purchased are set up to be shipped to a friend's house in Florida who will deliver them to us the week we arrive.  

If you would like to help us get settled back in the USA you can click on the registry links below!  Thank you!

Nathan, Laura, Darrell  (in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah