April 7, 2022

In this issue: The Transition from FDR to Truman; Hudson Valley History Reading Festival; Opening Day, Baseball, and the Presidency; #ArtifactRoadTrip Illinois; Nazi Total War and Cruelty; FDR's Funeral.

Conversations: Presidential Transitions
A conversation between the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Director Emeritus Paul Sparrow and the Harry S. Truman Library Director Kurt Graham on the April 12, 1945 presidential transition between the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. (Originally broadcast April 2020 – video, 10:52 minutes)
Presidential Transitions
Hudson Valley History
Reading Festival
Saturday, April 23, 2022

And streamed live to:

10:00 a.m.
A.J. Schenkman
Patriots and Spies in Revolutionary New York

11:00 a.m.
Robert Titus and Johanna Titus
The Catskills in the Ice Age: Third Edition, Revised and Expanded

1:00 p.m.
Russell Dunn & Barbara Delaney
Paths to the Past: History Hikes through the Hudson River Valley, Catskills, Berkshires, Taconics, Saratoga & Capital Region

2:00 p.m.
Shannon Butler
Roosevelt Homes of the Hudson Valley: Hyde Park and Beyond

From April 2010

Baseball historian Mel Marmer gives a multimedia presentation tracing the relationship between America’s highest office and America’s favorite pastime, from President Harrison to President Obama.

Historian Mel Marmer
"Snowy Days, Chicago" by Ceil Rosenberg is an oil painting that was created for the Treasury Department’s Public Works of Art Project (PWAP) in 1934.

Conquest alone didn't satisfy the Nazis. They treated their enemies with contempt and cruelty. Military traditions and established conventions of war were discarded in favor of brutality against combatants and civilian populations. These violent excesses formed the bases for counts 3 and 4 at the Nuremberg trial.

The process of burying FDR took four days, beginning with his death on April 12th. The massive ceremony that transpired was a logistical feat at the time, incorporating thousands of participants, across seven states and the District of Columbia.

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"Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different."
FDR, Oct 12, 1942, fireside chat.
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