February 24, 2022

In this issue: Becoming Eleanor Roosevelt, Taking on the Army for Equal Rights, FDR's Delaware Fishing License; Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson.

Encore Presentation:
"Becoming Eleanor Roosevelt"
March 2, 2022 at 2PM ET
FDR Library Education specialist Jeffrey Urbin examines the personal betrayals in Eleanor Roosevelt's life, and how she turned her understanding of what it feels like to be hurt, left out, and neglected into the deep compassion she showed for others.

(Original broadcast: April 22, 2020)

Former Army transportation specialist Sandra Bolzenius discusses her book, Glory in Their Spirit: How Four Black Women Took on the Army During World War II, in which she recalls the efforts of four African American women seeking the same treatment as white service members enlisted in the Women Army Corps (WAC) during World War II.

FDR was an avid, lifelong fisherman. This Delaware fishing license button, and a similar one for hunting and trapping, were sent to Roosevelt in 1938 by Leonard K. Yerker, President of Delaware's Board of Game and Fish Commissioners.

On February 26, 1939, Eleanor Roosevelt submitted her letter of resignation to the Daughters of the American Revolution after they refused to allow soprano Marian Anderson to perform at Constitution Hall. Eleanor declared that the organization had “set an example which seems to me unfortunate” and that the DAR had “an opportunity to lead in an enlightened way” but had “failed to do so.”

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"Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different."
FDR, Oct 12, 1942, fireside chat.
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