2021 | May

I was recently interviewed by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston for an article about the merits of a Catholic education. Recalling my years at St. Anne Catholic School and St. Thomas High School, I reflected on the ways that my beginnings in faith led me to ultimately commit to a life of service.

I would venture to say that most of BTL's volunteers, donors, and supporters are also people of faith. To me, faith isn't defined only by the churches we attend. St. Augustine said, "Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this faith is to see what you believe." When we go into prisons to conduct the Bridges To Life program, we may see men and women who are angry, defensive, hopeless, and defeated. But with eyes of faith, we see their hearts and the inherent goodness that God can call forth in anyone who chooses to believe there is something greater than themselves.

My Catholic roots helped form Bridges To Life, and for 23 years, we have seen what faith can do. Our hope and prayer is that those who serve with us will experience those rewards as well.


John Sage, Founder & CEO
Though the pandemic is certainly not over, we at Bridges To Life are looking ahead to the moment when our volunteers will be allowed to re-enter prisons to conduct our program, which could possibly happen as early as this Fall!

We know that nothing can replace the unique contribution made by BTL volunteer facilitators when they show up each week to listen, challenge, encourage, and support. For now, the Self-Study version of BTL will continue to impact thousands of inmate participants. In fact, a recent Self-Study graduate sent us these inspiring words:

"Your program has helped so much in my life. The victim's testimony
was where I realized that not only did I hurt the victim of the crime I committed, but also caused pain and suffering to their family. So please continue
this program when you are able to return to the prisons.
It's very powerful what you are doing.
Thank you and God bless."

Please join us in welcoming another addition to the BTL team, Tommy Lyles, our new Regional Coordinator for the Huntsville Area.

Tommy has 40 years experience as a United Methodist minister, 20 years with Kairos Prison Ministry, and recently retired from his position as Region 1 Director of Chaplains for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Additionally, before coming on staff, Tommy served for several years with his wife Debbie as a BTL volunteer!

Click on the photo to watch Tommy's video bio and learn more of his story.

Welcome aboard, Tommy!