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Giving Back
Georgetown, SC

ULI Advisory Services Panel

The county and city of Georgetown, South Carolina sought a ULI Advisory Services Panel's advice on a waterfront land use challenge. Kathleen Rose served on the panel to provide market and economic development strategy.
The report will be finalized in December. All panelists donate their time for a week in service of ULI.
Articles & Speaking Engagements
Learn how to adapt to the new on-time, on-demand real estate world in the article,  Ready, Set, Go!  authored by Kathleen Rose and published in the September 2016 Southeast Real Estate Business Edition.

At the November 16th ULI  Charlotte  2017 Emerging Tr ends in Real Estate event, Kathleen Rose served on a panel discussing the local trends along with  Steve Gassaway, Cushman & Wakefield; Brendan Pierce, The Keith Corporation and Jim Merrifield, MPV Properties. A link to the Emerging Trends report can be found in the article below.
Project Updates
Stallings, NC

The Rose team is providing real estate market analysis and economic development strategy for the Town of Stallings, NC to complement the Comprehensive Land Use Plan currently in progress in  conjunction with CCOG. 

Davidson, NC

Looking forward through 2020, the Town of Davidson is embarking on Phase II of an Economic Development Strategic Plan that Rose & Associates developed 2012. This next phase will focus on small business and entrepreneurship and well as the Davidson East Hwy. 73 corridor.

Aiken Co., SC

The Whiskey Road Corridor is a mix of commercial, residential, rural and open/green space in Aiken County, Aiken SC. It is the subject of a Corridor Study currently in progress in conjunction with Stantec Consulting Services.
Wingate, NC

Congratulations to the Town of Wingate for its grand opening celebration of the Wingate Government Center. This Center was part of the Downtown Market Analysis and Strategic Plan completed by Rose & Associates in 2013.

Rose & Associates SE, Inc. wishes you and your family a joyous holiday season.  In lieu of cards or gifts this year, we have  made donations on your behalf to the following local nonprofits:
Food Tourism Sparks Economic Development

Food Tourism has proven to be an important economic development strategy.   Farmers' markets, specialty food markets, restaurants and accommodation providers create a sense of place, as l ocal food and drink provides an authentic "taste of place".
Food service is the highest category of travel spending according to the University of Florida report: "A Flash of Culinary Tourism."  This report estimates that 39 million U.S. leisure travelers choose a destination based on the availability of culinary activities.   In 2012, it was estimated that tourism expenditures on food services in the U.S. topped $201 billion, nearly a quarter of all travel income.  
Recent trends include hyper-local cuisine, cultural context, pop-up restaurants, and hands-on food experiences. Foodies travel to find unique local offerings whether it's an unusual craft beer, a winery tour , food festival, farmers market or food truck cuisine.   The food industry is diverse, ranging from growers, processors and distributors to sellers. 
This is a great opportunity to enhance and promote local food assets which allows for both visitors and locals to share experiences, form relationships, create community and for local communities to increase tax revenue.
Guerilla Revitalization Part II

In Part II of Guerilla Revitalization, we look at tactics used by small towns and cities with a keen sense of creativity and modest budget. These ideas help citizens not only envision a more vibrant downtown but experience it as well. They can attract tourists and help government quickly implement new ideas.  Pop- up cafes, food trucks and bicycle vendors are just some of the quickly growing food related ventures. The experience economy is growing as we move from the agricultural economy of the past. This combines combines retail and entertainment to create consumer experiences and lasting memories.

Pop Up Cafes
Photo: Cooltown Studios.
Kickstand Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

Photo:  Summit Coffee.
Summit Coffee, Davidson NC

To be continued in our next issue . . .
ULI Emerging Trends for 2017 
1. A kinder, gentler real estate market
2. Optionality (Developers and investors are seeking flexible, multi-use projects.)
3. Transformation through location choice
4. Recognizing the role of the small entrepreneurial developer
5. Labor scarcity in construction costs
6. Housing affordability: Local governments step up
7. Gaining entry beyond the velvet rope (The popularity of urban development and walkable neighborhoods has created great income inequality and is a source of tension in some areas.)  
8. The connectedness of cities (Demand is increasing for cities and towns who embrace technology.)
9. Ready for augmented reality? (Virtual reality may become a key part of promotions and marketing.)
10. Blockchain for 21st-Century real estate (The encrypted digital data technology behind Bitcoin is on the radar of major banks and exchanges) 

Download   a copy of ULI's recent trend report for detailed information.