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On the Road

Kathleen Rose Speaks at Get Ready Gaston

Kathleen Rose spoke at the Montcross Area Chamber of Commerce's 3rd annual Get Ready Gaston Forum in August. Held at Belmont Abbey, this event is designed to help local leaders learn about preparing for growth. Rose talked about "Integrated Development" and how the next generation of workers is impacting land planning, real estate and economic development. As Rose shared, s mall towns are a draw for this type of worker and the integrated places that embrace them. 

Project Updates

Burlington, NC

The city of Burlington has adopted the plan proposed by The Toole Design Group and Rose & Associates regarding the Renew Maple Avenue Corridor project. The city is now working to implement the  plan, which provides details for revitalizing Maple Avenue from Anthony Road to South Church Street.  The strategy includes beautification, infrastructure improvement, and driving economic growth in this corridor.  


Rolesville, NC

The town of Rolesville is moving forward with its Main Street Vision Plan and Economic Development Strategic Plan. Rose & Associates assisted Stantec and performed the market analysis for the Main Street Vision Plan, which formed the basis for Rose's further work in assisting the town with formulating its Economic Development Strategic Plan. The town, which is one of the fastest growing in the Raleigh market, has adopted and is implementing both plans. Rolesville already is experiencing big payoff from its investment and is seeing increased development interest in the community. 

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Raleigh, NC

Work is nearly complete on the Midtown-St. Albans Area Plan. The Rose team provided VHB with market analysis and land economics for the Issues and Opportunities report. This report sets the framework for the final plan  regarding 
transportation and land use issues in this fast-growing area, which includes North Hills and Duke Raleigh Hospital.  


Fletcher, NC

Rose & Associates is helping the fast-growing mountain town of Fletcher plan for a town center and create an economic development plan. 
As part of its research, the Rose team, visited Blue Ghost Brewing Company, a gem of an attraction located near Asheville Regional Airport. 
The Rose team also joined in the fun on trivia night. Part of the brewery's mission is to educate, protect and promote the biodiversity of Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains and its name reflects this mission: Blue Ghost Firefly, Phausis reticulata, is a species that is native and unique to the southern Appalachian Mountain region. "The inviting atmosphere (and great beer) gives this relatively small brewery a big name with a real sense of place for residents and visitors of Fletcher," said Daniel Bellot, economist at Rose & Associates.

Rose & Associates economist Daniel Bellot tries his hand at the brewery's trivia competition.  

Welcome to our Fall/Winter 2019-2020 edition. Rose & Associates SE, Inc. wishes everyone a warm and joyous holiday season. We are grateful for the continuing strong economy and all our clients and colleagues who allow us to assist them. We also want to thank our strategic urban and transportation planning partners. We feel especially fortunate this year to have expanded our strategic partnerships and to have had the opportunity to work closely with such talented national and regional firms throughout the Carolinas. Our best wishes to all for a healthy and prosperous 2020.

Embracing the Protean Economy

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary

Daniel Bellot, Economist with Rose & Associates
The U.S. Census has published some interesting data that illustrate just how mobile the economy has become. According to the Nonemployer Statistics program, there were almost 25 million nonemployer, or sole proprietor, businesses in 2016, accounting for more than 76% of all businesses. These nonemployer businesses are present in almost every sector of the economy.

Given that many sole proprietors work in nontraditional office environments, these stats suggest that as much as three-fourths of U.S. businesses may be run out of someone's home.

The number of sole proprietor businesses also is rising faster than its counterpart. Between 2012 and 2016, their numbers increased by more than 2 million, a 9.1% increase. During the same time, the number of employer businesses rose by 4.4%.

We've heard about the sharing economy and popularity of fluid workspace for some time. But these numbers really show that this isn't merely a passing trend.

Economist Daniel Bellot with Rose & Associates calls this the Protean Economy. To Daniel, protean describes an economy that is versatile, kaleidoscopic, and always changing. The Protean Economy is fueled by mobile, interconnected and driven entrepreneurs.

"At Rose & Associates, we help our clients understand this shift in how people work, and its impact on how people live, play and shop. We educate our clients on how to navigate this new world as they build for the future. There will still be a need for office space, for example, but how space is used will continue to evolve."

Daniel fully embraces the concept that work extends beyond a 9-to-5 job in an office. He often works remotely as he travels the country in a conversion van, exploring and visiting towns and cities.

We also advise clients on experiential tourism, and Daniel is always on the lookout for examples of what works and what could be improved when he visits new places. One reason behind his wanting to get out on the road, was he thought, "Why read and research these concepts when I can go out and experience it and report back on what I find?"

Structure exists, but in reality, things today happen so spontaneously that it doesn't matter as much when or where people are getting their work done. What matters is results, and what people have to show for their efforts.

Where should Daniel visit?

Where's Daniel? Daniel Bellot is living experiential tourism first-hand. A classic Millennial, Daniel is an economist with the Rose team and provides market analytics and other research. He has started to embrace his wanderlust by taking to the open road to visit towns and search for cool examples of how they've built their communities. One stop was Blue Ghost Brewing Company in Fletcher, N.C. 

Daniel enjoyed Blue Ghost Brewing Company in Fletcher, N.C.

Have a suggestion for where he should go?  Contact Daniel via email at [email protected]
Daniel plans to share his findings so keep an eye on the Rose & Associates blog page for updates.

Visiting WeHo 

Kathleen Rose recently visited Nashville, Tenn. to attend the national Counselors of Real Estate Annual Conference. She and others toured the Wedgewood-Houston (WeHo) district - an upcoming area focused on creating affordable housing options.  Tour  guides included Mark Deutschmann, author of One-Mile Radius, a thoughtful book on creating community, one mile at a time. One of the projects that the group saw was the condominium community Alloy, a modular project situated near proposed bikeways and on a hill, allowing for panoramic views of downtown.

Located off Nolensville Pike in one of Nashville's up-and-coming neighborhoods, Alloy offers studios and one- and two-bedroom units.