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On the Road

Kathleen Rose Speaks at ULI Webinar

Kathleen Rose participated in Gut Check: What's Happening in Hospitality & Tourism?, a virtual panel discussion presented by ULI Charlotte on April 8. Rose joined Derek White of Portman Holdings  and  Stephen Overcash of Overcash Demmitt Architects (ODA) to discuss the impacts on tourism, the shift of potential projects from "OMG" to full speed ahead; as well as recalibrating marketing budgets and looking at hotel occupancy taxes and grants. Rose talked about how w ith every crisis comes innovation. She shared how history has shown that people in all sectors adapt to changing circumstances and that this can produce creative new strategies. 
Expect robots to clean and sanitize hotels. Courtesy of  ODA

Project Updates

Fletcher, NC

The town of Fletcher has
adopted an Economic Development Strategic Plan created by Rose & Associates. The Plan includes creating a dynamic and unique town center, and the Rose team is creating an RFP for the development of town-owned land for this purpose. The RFP  will be released in May 2020. The Rose team has enjoyed getting to explore and know this vibrant mountain town, located between Hendersonville and Asheville, near the Airport. 


Easley, SC

Rose & Associates is working in conjunction with Seamon Whiteside & Associates to create the market analysis and development strategy for the  Urban Design Master Plan, SC Highway 153 Extension Corridor. This 400+ acre site is located between downtown Easley, S.C. and Greensville, and offers unique features and the potential to create a dynamic innovation park and mixed-use development with waterfront features and connections to downtown via the Doodle Trail

______ ___________

Greenwood, SC

Rose & Associates was engaged, together with Toole Design, LandPlan Design Southeast, and Boudreaux Group, to conduct a series of analysis to evaluate housing and workplace options in and around the city center in Greenwood, S.C. (also referred to as Uptown). The goals for the  City Center Master Plan Update - Uptown Greenwood & Kitson Mill Site, include supporting lifestyle options and destinations for a vibrant center city. Learn more about Uptown here.


Survey Results Reveal   Investor Appetite 

What is the appetite among investors for new investments?  RealCrowd, a real estate crowdfunding platform, surveyed investors and sponsors and found that of those who responded, the majority, or almost 55%, are pressing pause on investments. Almost 32% are actively looking.

RealCrowd survey results from investors and sponsors released May 15.


A Chance to Tell Your Community's Story

The International Downtown Association  is encouraging communities that are members of the Grow with Google Community Partnership to submit their achievements for a chance to win the a Grow with Google Community Partnership Award.  This award highlights a meaningful and compelling outcome by an organization that is using the program to support their community and local business growth. Apply here by June 4th.


Welcome to our Spring/Summer 2020 edition. Rose & Associates SE, Inc. hopes everyone is well and safe during these unusual times. We remain open for business as our staff works remotely and continues to assist clients. Never before has planning been more important - let us know how we can help. 

A Letter from President & CEO Kathleen Rose, CCIM, CRE

An example of distanced and creative collaboration in the
new workspace involving whiteboards.

Kathleen Rose of Rose & Associates
The jury is still out as to whether COVID 19 will be viewed as a natural, economic, or manmade disaster or a combination, but one thing is clear: This isn't the first and it won't be the last major disruption we encounter as a society. As I shared during a recent webinar presented by ULI Charlotte, crises often lead to innovation. I've been heartened by some of the local success stories we have been seeing, such as Southern Distilling Company in Statesville switching gears to make needed hand sanitizer in place of its bourbons and rye whiskeys. By switching its manufacturing focus, the distillery not only provided a needed product but also created jobs for displaced workers.

The current disruption serves as a good reminder of the importance of having strong preparedness and disaster planning programs in place before problems appear. And it highlights how crucial it is to build a diverse economy, strong core downtowns and healthy communities with adequate greenways and public space, something we have long advised our municipal clients to do.

Real estate can be slow to move, but when it relates to reacting to COVID 19, I've been impressed by how quickly the industry has responded. Companies are implementing new technologies, such as touchless entry and temperature screening tools, and almost overnight we witnessed the rise of plexiglass screens around cashiers and creative floor decals to control crowding and establish safe distances.

At Rose & Associates, we've stayed in touch with our clients and held virtual meetings. None of our municipal clients have shut down a project or stopped future planning. However, people are moving mindfully. As an asset manager, Rose & Associates is communicating closely with tenants and keeping our property updated. We view the re-opening of the economy as a team effort with our tenants.  A good relationship between landlord and tenant has never been more important, and the adage that real estate is local has never been truer than now as we look to local and state leaders for guidance on how and when we shall make our way to a new normal.

As for what happens next, we as a community will continue to adapt and innovate. We've become more educated about the risks and challenges, and we will move forward with a new set of behaviors to mitigate the risks and increase our safety.

We will change, I believe for the better, as a result of the disruption. Crisis leads to innovation. It has in the past, it is doing so now, and it will again in the future during the next challenge. 

Wishing you all health, well-being and peace,


Helpful Resources

We are seeing many new and innovative ideas emerge for how we can be productive in a world where coronavirus is still a concern. Here are some resources Rose & Associates sees as helpful as we learn how to navigate the new normal.
  • Stephen Overcash with Overcash Demmitt Architects has some interesting insight into how hospitality is changing. He spoke at the ULI Charlotte webinar I attended, and he shared some details for how hotels are changing designs. For example, look for increased use of robots for tasks such as cleaning hotel rooms. He has since formed a Task Force to explore ideas and innovations. 
  • For insight into how the office environment may change, read  this survey by JLL that examines attitudes toward working in what it calls the "next normal." How many days would workers like to work in the office setting once they are allowed back? Read to find out. 
  • Those wondering about the industrial market can gain some insight by listening to JLL's podcast , which discusses how industrial buildings should be managed in the future.
  • Watching how people have flocked to the outdoors in recent months has been a valuable reminder to us at Rose & Associates of how important greenways and other outdoor community space is to residents' mental and physical health. We continue to partner with creative and innovative planning firms who are focused on public space and greenways. 
  • This article by The Counselors of Real Estate l ooks at how Smart City technologies can, and should, be used to minimize the impact of the next crisis. It is informative reading that can help one prepare for the unknown.

Look for digital greeters to assist when you are checking in to hotels.
Courtesy of ODA

Where's Daniel?

Daniel Bellot has been visiting Easley, S.C. as part of Rose & Associate's work on a small area plan for the extension of S.C. Highway 123 and 153. This town sits on the eastern edge of Greenville, S.C. and at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Have a suggestion for where he should go? Contact Daniel via email at Daniel is still doing site visits while taking appropriate safety precautions. Keep an eye on the Rose & Associates blog page for updates.

Daniel Bellot of Rose & Associates is with  with Chris Watson from SW+ (Seamon Whiteside) at Alliance Pickens,a public/private economic development organization whose primary mission is to attract, retain and increase the number of jobs and increase the tax base in Pickens County. (Event occurred before social distancing was recommended.)