What you need to do.

Being a 401(k) plan sponsor isn't easy. Half the battle is identifying your responsibilities as a plan fiduciary. The other half is identifying compliance and fiduciary errors that can lead you into a lot of trouble. One of the problems is identifying areas of the plan that could result in a whole host of headaches. One problem is that one area that has been neglected for a long time until now is miss- ing participants. Thanks to the government's focus on the topic, this is something that you need to know and follow a process of locating former employees that you can't locate.

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Great 401(k) Ideas At The Time That Look Bad Now.
Well, it looked great at the time.

Often some things look good on paper and just don't look good in practice like Crystal Pepsi or Arch Deluxe. Those business bombs cost the businesses that pushed them out. For 401(k) plan sponsors, they can ill afford to imple- ment practices and procedures that might have looked good at the time, but have terrible consequences once implemented.

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Don't Let Your 401(k) Plan Turn Into A Disaster Movie.
Nothing worse Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.

The 1970s were known as a decade of disaster movies. They were a really popular genre thanks to the classics Airport, The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno. It was a money-making genre until producer Irwin Allen ran it into the ground with The Swarm, Beyond The Poseidon Adventure, and When Time Ran Out (where I ended up rooting for the volcano, it was so bad). The movies were great because it had a lot of drama, cheesy special effects, and it was a great payday for some well-known actors of the day (Gene Hackman, Charlton Heston, William Holden, and Steve McQueen. As a plan sponsor, your 401(k) plan can turn into a disaster movie except there is no script and no cheesy special effects, just you getting into trouble as a plan sponsor and plan fiduciary.

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The Best Way A Plan Sponsor Can Avoid 401(k) Headaches Is By Hiring The Right TPA.
I'm still not a fan.
I've been an ERISA attorney for 19 years and I've seen a lot of 401(k) plan sponsors that have liability and compliance headaches that they could have avoided. The most important step that plan sponsors can take in avoiding needless plan errors that can cost them in the pocketbook is by hiring the right third-party administrator (TPA), no ifs, ands, or buts.

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That last button on your 401(k) plan .
You need to button up.

As an attorney, I hate dressing up. If I could wear a Mitchell and Ness sports jersey to meetings and synagogue services, I would. One thing I hate is buttoning up the dress shirt. There always seems to be one button unbuttoned or one done incorrectly, that it looks like a mess.

As a 401(k) plan sponsor, you need to make sure you button everything in your plan and the problem is that most forget that last button, That last button is making sure that your participants get the investment education they need to make informed, investment decisions on their own.
You have to make sure your financial advisor gives participants the tools they need to make smart investment decisions. Otherwise, your plan might be unbuttoned.

Check out That 401(k) Podcast.
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Please check out That 401(k) Podcast, where I co-host with Dan Venturi of Bright Worxx. We tackle important 401(k) subjects for both plan sponsors and plan providers. In addition, we talk about all the events I'm hosting. as well as important cultural allusions.

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