Spring Edition - March 2022
Welcome to the Roundhouse Workshop!
This Spring newsletter brings announcements of several new products. But first, welcome new subscribers! We start with a little FAQs for you.

What do we do? We design/build tow-able reproduction railroad cars and buildings for personal and commercial use.
What could you do with a caboose of your own? Our railroad car trailers can be used as tiny houses, AirBnB, recording studios, workshops, offices, retail space and so much more.
Who are we? A family business headed by a guy who has never stopped wanting to play trains and has decades of experience in construction and railroading.
Where are we? Our workshop is in beautiful New Hampshire, but we ship anywhere.
How can you see our products? Read on in this newsletter, click for our website, call to arrange a personal tour, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

What other questions do you have?

New Designs - "Meet You at the Depot!"
Introducing our newest model: The Depot. Our semi-permanent structures are designed to mimic the architecture of 19thC railroad depots. These could have many uses and can be kept on a trailer/wheels or placed on footings. Like our boxcar and caboose models, these depots will be NOAH-certified and conform to IRC Appendix Q standards.
Mobile Decks
Are you looking for an easy and aesthetic way to add usable space to your RV, tiny house or backyard? A stage or patio? Our mobile decks provide flexibility of use, portability, safety, convenience, and resale value. Various lengths, stair, ramp and railing configurations are available. Give us a call to discuss options.

Follow us on social media to watch our progress as we begin a "Loading Dock" deck project this spring.
A Caboosenook?
We not only build tow-behind railcars, but we also produce smaller, novelty pieces. Recently, we were approached to build a reading nook at our local public library. They had a small area to work with, so we designed a nook to mimic the back of a caboose, complete with cupola. This was financed by a local donor - a generous addition for the kids in the community.

We can also elaborate on this design to make a full caboose at this scale. This specialized furniture can enhance your local library or perhaps your child's bedroom.
Railroad Step Box
We have created our own vintage style Railroad Step Box. What is a step box? When stepping on/off a passenger train, one would normally use a step box (a low stool). The conductor would place it on the ground in front of the access steps of the train so you could board or deboard more easily. Early step boxes were wooden and by the mid 1940's were steel. Railroads would paint or emboss their logos on the sides.

We are recreating the earlier wooden version for exterior and interior use. These work well in bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces, as well as to get in and out of your very own caboose or travel trailer/RV, etc. We are starting with a limited run and already some are spoken for. Contact us today to get on the list.
New Hampshire Magazine
The Roundhouse Workshop is honored to be profiled in a feature article in New Hampshire Magazine's March/April 2022 issue. Thanks to writer Lisa Rogak and photographer Ian Raymond for this wonderful piece. Pick up a copy today or read the article here: https://www.nhmagazine.com/all-aboard-the-tiny-house-train/
Custom Builds
We build to suit. Give us a call to discuss your ideas for a Classic American Boxcar or Bobber Caboose. Each of our off-track rolling stock is built on a 20-30' trailer bed in our workshop. We can provide you with the shell or a complete custom build inside and out - or anything in between. Each structure is built-to-last, using timber frame joinery, steel reinforcements and quality materials all around. Visit our website for illustrations and specifications of our products. Arrange a visit to see a sample Boxcar or Caboose in person.
Now available to rent - the Boxcar Pub and Lucy the Caboose, a roll-away cabin.

Great for:
  • Events that require guest quarters or a lounge/bar complete with tap and seating
  • Trade shows and bazaars for selling wares, serving food, or holding client meetings
  • Standing out in a sea of white tents and bland aluminum trailers at an event
  • Photo backdrops and movie props
We are open to short term or long term rentals (currently only within the state of NH).
Are You In the Railroad Industry?
If you are involved with an operating railroad and are looking for 3' or smaller reproduction railroad cars on railroad truck sets, we can do that, too! All of our builds can be specifically built for rail applications. They are as robust as their 19th century predecessors - timber framed and reinforced with steel rods. Call for more information. (We can also make you step boxes with your RR logo.)
Where to Find Us
We post regularly on Instagram and Facebook. We also periodically upload videos to YouTube.

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