Late Summer Edition - September 2022

Welcome to the Roundhouse Workshop

We love this time of year in New Hampshire! Moving from the gorgeous greens of Summer to the fiery colors of Fall amazes us every time. This year, we have a way you, too, can come experience Foliage Season, Roundhouse-style. Read on.

This cart is one of our new products (designed by E.P. Evans Design/Build). It's perfect for displaying your wares or decorating at home. This one sold to a local gift shop. We have one ready to roll, and will take orders for more. Paint to suit.

New - Book a Fall Vacation in a Caboose!

New Hampshire is amazing in every season, but fall really ups the ante. Now you can immerse yourself it while having a truly unique experience staying in our reproduction caboose cabin Airbnb in rural NH. The caboose sleeps two in the queen bed in the cupola. See our Airbnb listing for more details. The caboose is also available as a rental we bring to your NH location.

Lucy the Caboose Airbnb
or We Bring Lucy to You

Mobile Boxcar Pub

We also rent out The Boxcar Pub (on right in photo) for your special event. We bring it right to your driveway or backyard! More information on the website.

Details on Renting the Pub

Tiny Houses

Our reproduction railroad cars make show-stopping and functional tiny houses. Visit the website or give us a call for information on these custom builds.

We also work on other builders' tiny houses (like the one in the photo) - we renovate, repair, troubleshoot and consult.

Visit our Website

Online Shop

Find Roundhouse Workshop apparel and step boxes, and Barebones railroad camping lanterns in our online shop. 

Step Boxes now ship free!



What do we do? We design/build tow-able reproduction railroad cars and buildings for personal and commercial use. We custom build for clients and also rent out Lucy the Cabin Caboose and The Boxcar Pub.

What could you do with a caboose of your own? Our railroad car trailers can be used as tiny houses, AirBnB/guest house, recording studios, workshops, offices, retail space and so much more

Where do we get the cabooses? Our railroad cars are complete reproductions, hand crafted by us in our workshop. They are new from the ground up.

What else do we do? A lot, actually. We will work on your tiny house or travel trailer. We build sheds (check out our railroad-inspired models) and mobile decks. We build accessory items like Step Boxes, signs and decor. We do local custom carpentry work.

Who are we? A family business headed by a guy who has never stopped wanting to play trains and has decades of experience in construction and railroading.

Where are we? Our workshop is in beautiful New Hampshire, but we ship almost anywhere.

How can you see our products? Call to arrange a personal tour, or find photos on Facebook and Instagram.

What other questions do you have?

Where to Find Us

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