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The Rule of Law - In Celebration of D-Day on June 6th

The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life is to recall what has happened when there is no rule of law. ” 

The Primerus Community
Our future: As we are working intensely now on the design of our new website and other exciting projects, it seems as if there is a mist-like fog in the atmosphere gently fading away with the rise of an early morning sun. 
B y:Jack Buchanan

I have some good news and some bad news. Where do you want to start? Since only “The Godfather” insists upon hearing bad news first in case he wants to cut off a horse’s head or something, let’s start with the good news.
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The Primerus Optimistic Index
Primerus is at a cautious 8. Where are you? Stock market up and down a little, but basically holding steady. New York and US new Covid-19 cases on the decline. Economies in the US and globally beginning to open and improving. Still inadequate screening tests. Fear of Covid-19 relapse or second wave.
How Optimistic Are You?
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Marketing - Yes, Even in a Pandemic
B y: Alicia Bos

How many times have we said to ourselves, “I’m just too busy to market”? We have all uttered those words at some point, and it is common to feel stuck between attending a networking happy hour or getting through the 157 unread emails in your inbox. 
Good People Doing Good Things
B y: Chad Sluss

As we all navigate these uncharted waters, we are grateful to have those in our communities willing to assist the front-line workers who are putting their lives at risk for all of us.
New Greeting Methods
B y: Sheila Buchanan

One thing many people agree on in regard to the Coronavirus is that our present means of greeting one another is not the most sanitary .
Tuesday, June 23rd - Succession Planning

In this timely webinar, Bob Zupkus, one of the founders of Zupkus & Angell, P.C., and Muliha Khan, now the second-generation owner of the firm, will share the firm’s story of succession, addressing the importance of early succession planning; the execution of the succession plan, including the transition of clients; and the continued need for mentoring throughout the process. Based on their personal experience, the presenters’ goal is to provide pragmatic advice to any attorney thinking of retiring or, conversely, any attorney aiming to become the next-generation owner.
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"Phibbs & Kahns"
Monday Morning Coffee with Jack Buchanan

Join us next Monday for Coffee and Conversation. We will be discussing some interesting new things we are doing at Primerus these days including our new website design and our new “Virtual Law Firm” concept. In order to keep the conversation manageable, we must limit it to 15 attendees so that everyone can participate. We will do this on a first come basis. If you cannot do it this week, then please put your name in for a future Monday of “Coffee and Conversation.”

Monday, June 8th - 10:00 AM EDT/2:00 PM GMT

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