Welcome to the GEMS Summer 2024 e-Newsletter. As we reflect on the year that was, in 2023 the GEMS Team worked on over 20 conferences, workshops and webinars in locations all over Australia from Cairns to Ballarat with over 5,000 attendees. We look forward to kicking off 2024 with a full year of Conferences across Australia from San Remo, Victoria to the Gold Coast, Queensland and all the way to Fremantle, Western Australia.

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PCMA Convening Leaders 2024

Julie McGraw

New and Revitalised Event Venues

The Goods Shed, Ballarat

REVY, Sydney

EventsAir - Air Time Conference

Brisbane October 2023

Solar Buddy - Hour of Power

Illuminate your Team-building

Available Grants

Tasmanian Business Events Funding

PCMA Convening Leaders 2024

Julie McGraw

Recently I had the great privilege to witness President Bill Clinton and 67th Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton open day two of PCMA Convening Leaders 2024 in San Diego, California.  A powerful conversation between these two leaders covering inspiring exploration of leadership, the global economy, international relations, and the importance of meetings and events for the free exchange of ideas and democracy.

They had time to share their reflections on pivotal moments in history, pressing global challenges and discuss the path towards an inclusive and sustainable future for all.

Bill Clinton stressed the significance of face-to-face contact and the importance of personal connections to highlight common ground, and temper reactionary impulses. “I think we have to begin to deal with each other in an effective way” he said.

Secretary Clinton addressed the double standards faced by women in public roles, the weight of critical decision making and navigating global conflicts. Emphasising the importance of both defence and the pursuit of peace. 

The overarching message was that of optimism tempered by caution, urging leaders to seek common ground and engage in clear communication. To maintain hope while talking about the challenges of the present and future and to focus on solutions rather than on problems.

It was an absolute privilege to be in the same room as these two exceptional statesmen, and not something I will ever forget.

Julie McGraw

Managing Director

GEMS Event Management


The Goods Shed inspired by Ballarat’s spirit of possibility, is indisputably the premier choice in Ballarat for events and conferences. Hosting a range of conference rooms including the beautiful and historic Lydiard Hall that can seat up to 240 guests, the Terminus Theatre with a 308 seating capacity and state-of-the-art sound equipment and the bright and contemporary Carriage Rooms. The Good Sheds is within walking distance to the Ballarat train station and Quest Apartment Hotel and is an exceptional venue for all your conference needs.

For further information please visit thegoodsshedballarat.com.au

The recently revitalised REVY in Jones Bay Wharf provides breathtaking Sydney Harbour Bridge views. While being metres away from the Darling Harbour precinct and within walking distance to the CBD. Catering for up to 100 guests for a banquet style event, 120 guests for a cocktail event and up to 200 guests for a theatre style event. Offering an outdoor decking area overlooking the iconic Sydney Harbour, award winning food and catering, surround speakers for background music and audio visual (AV) the REVY is perfectly suited for your events and social functions.

For the complete fact sheet on REVY please visit revy.com.au

EventsAir - AirTime Conference

Brisbane October 2023

We're thrilled to share our experience attending the EventsAir Airtime Conference held on 30 - 31 October 2023 in Brisbane. The event proved invaluable for professional growth, networking, and gaining insights into the latest technology available on the EventsAir Platform.

The conference featured a diverse range of sessions, and keynote speakers who delivered thought-provoking insights and updates on ways we can improve our individual and team performance to offer our clients the best possible service and event outcomes.

From cutting-edge technologies to innovative strategies, we gained a deeper understanding of the systems modules and additional features that EventsAir will be implementing to create a more serviceable platform. These changes were presented by the new CEO, Chris Ridd, who is shifting the features and focus of the platform for the better.

During an insightful session, we were informed about changing marketing trends, and how to adjust our internal processes to be able to take this on board, with the aim to increase delegate attendance numbers and engagement at our events.

Additionally, we learned ways to make the registration experience more seamless for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors. We are excited to be able to deliver this within our upcoming event registration forms, and look forward to receiving any feedback from clients on the user experience.

We would like to thank EventsAir for putting together such a well-organised and impactful event.

As we reflect on our conference experience, we're excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in the delivery of business events. The knowledge gained, and insight into upcoming features and services that will be made available within the coming year is an exciting prospect. Especially, as technology advancements and AI play a greater role in hosting conferences and events into the future.

If you are hosting an event in 2024 or beyond and interested in learning more about GEMS services and event software capabilities, be sure to get in touch with Michelle Glasson, Director of Marketing and Business Development for further information at [email protected]

SOLAR BUDDY - Hour of Power

Illuminate your Team-building

Solar Buddy's Hour of Power is a deeply rich and engaging program designed for professional event organisers to educate and inspire organisations.

lIlluminating conferences and corporate events by unlocking your client's social impact with our empowering team-building programs. 

This 1 hour program educates attendees on energy poverty and connects participants to communities via a hands-on solar light build and letter writing activity.

For further information on Solar Buddy's Hour of Power and how it can impact your next event or conference please visit solarbuddy.org

Available Grants

The GEMS team keep up to date on available grants and funding opportunities for our clients, looking to host conferences across Australia.

Business Events Attraction Fund - Tasmania

Do you currently have any upcoming events or conferences in your pipeline that you would consider hosting in Tasmania?

The Tasmanian Business Events Attraction Fund (BEAF) allows Business Events Tasmania to offer financial support at the critical bidding stage, to help secure national and international conferences to the state. Funding is capped at a maximum of $100 per delegate who attends the conference in person, from interstate or overseas.

Funding is supplied at 50% 3 months prior to the event start date (once the agreement has been signed and a project plan has been submitted). The balance is paid post event once a post event acquittal report has been submitted.

Funding is assessed against a number of criteria, that includes but is not limited to the extent to which the business event supports regional yield and dispersal, how the business event relates to a key Tasmanian trade or business sector and the business event’s potential to leave a legacy in the state, and seasonality.

Please note that this offer is limited and there are eligibility criteria.

For further information please visit -

Business Events Attraction Fund

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