Issue 8 | March 12, 2021
Number of Days Until Legislative Session Ends: 80
In this issue:
  • Vaccine Updates for Employees
  • Legislative Bill Updates
  • Vegas Chamber Virtual Legislative Day
  • Washington, D.C. Fly-In 2021
  • Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together: BizPAC
Vaccine Updates for Employees
It was announced on Thursday that restaurant, hospitality and food service workers are now eligible to receive the COVID vaccine, along with individuals 55 years of age and older who have underlying health conditions.
Check out the full list of eligible employees and employers, and schedule a vaccination appointment here:
Legislative Bill Updates
Senate Bill 149
Revises provisions relating to groundwater boards.
Legislative Summary: SB 149 addresses the process of formation of groundwater boards in State law. Currently, county commissioners may recommend to the State Engineer that a groundwater board be formed to manage an area designated as a groundwater basin. The Governor may then approve a plan submitted by the State Engineer and appoint members of a newly formed groundwater board. While this process has been codified in State law for decades, a groundwater board has not actually been formed since the mid 1960s, and no county has petitioned to form a new board since the early 1990s.

SB 149 would shift the appointing authority to the county commission of the county in which the designated groundwater basin resides. Additionally, this legislation would limit the county commissions to the formation of a single board per county.

The Chamber is in opposition to SB 149, as this would represent a significant change to water policy statewide that could have significant impacts on Southern Nevada’s water supply and management.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Senate Committee on Natural Resources
Position: Oppose
Assembly Bill 99
Revises provisions governing public works.
Legislative Summary: AB 99 would change the threshold requirement for when prevailing wage must be used for public work and construction projects within the Nevada System of Higher Education from $100,000 to $250,000. 
The Chamber supports the bill as it would allow for greater flexibility on these types of smaller public construction projects which will result in cost savings to taxpayers.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Assemblyman John Ellison
Position: Support
Assembly Bill 177
Revises provisions relating to prescriptions.
Legislative Summary: AB 177 would require pharmacies to provide if requested by the customer a secondary instruction label in another language to be fixated onto the prescription bottle. This bill would also require pharmacies to post a notice of this service and the list of languages available to customers.
The Chamber has several concerns about AB 177. This includes the costs that would be associated with the requirement to print two labels on each prescription bottle and logistical challenges of implementing such a requirement at the pharmacy level.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson 
Position: Oppose
Senate Bill 141
Revises provisions relating to public works.
Legislative Summary: SB 141 would remove the expiration date in state law that allows publicly funded construction projects to use Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). The removal of the June 2021 expiration date would make CMAR a permanent option to state and local government entities as it relates to the bidding process.
The Chamber supports SB 141 because it provides greater flexibility during the bidding process for publicly funded projects and guarantees a maximum price, which will result in cost savings to taxpayers.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Senator Chris Brooks
Position: Support 
Senate Bill 151
Revises Provisions Relating to Education.
Legislative Summary: SB 151 requires the board of trustees of a school district in a county whose population is 100,000 or more to develop an implementation plan to improve students' ratios to specialized instructional support personnel to meet the ratio recommended by the State Board of Education. This implementation plan will be submitted to the Department of Education on or before October 1 of each year. This bill creates accountability for our state to ensure that student success is personalized for each district, supporting our students' accomplishments and physical and mental well-being.

The bill recognizes the benefits of having a high-quality, comprehensive school counseling program in our state by investing in school counselors, school psychologists, and school social work and encouraging the completion of continuing education. Portions of the bill also highlight the importance of recruiting and retaining our essential workforce of school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers in the state of Nevada. With the necessary supports in place, school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers are uniquely equipped to promote academic success and help Nevada students become college-ready or career-ready.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop
Position: Support
Senate Bill 172
Revises Various Provisions Relating to Education.
Legislative Summary: SB 172 streamlines the access of K-12 education to higher education and the workforce pipeline. As proposed, this bill makes the dual credit program more accessible for high school students to enroll in a dual credit course at an approved community college, state college, or university. Section 5 eliminates requirements that entail students to apply for the dual credit course, wait for its approval or denial, and must have completed a prerequisite for the course.

The Vegas Chamber supports SB 172 as it provides high school students greater accessibility to receive dual credit to better prepare them for higher education and our future workforce.
Primary Bill Sponsor: Senator Moises Denis
Position: Support
Vegas Chamber Virtual Legislative Day
Tuesday, April 6, 2021
The Vegas Chamber will be hosting its Biennial Legislative Day on April 6, 2021. Due to the State Legislative Building being closed as a COVID-19 measure, this event will be held virtually.

As leaders of the Vegas Chamber, we hope that you will be able to join us virtually to advocate on behalf of Nevada's business community. Attendees will meet with constitutional officers, legislative leadership and legislators.

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding the virtual legislative day, please contact Erica Valdriz at or call 702.245.8465.

Click here to view highlights from the 2019 Legislative Day

NOTE: This event is open to President's Club members, Advocacy members, Board of Trustees, and Government Affairs Committee members.


Washington, D.C. Fly-In 2021
Monday, Sept. 20, 2021 - Friday, Sept. 24, 2021
We look forward to welcoming back our guests to an in-person experience at our annual Washington D.C. Fly-In, in partnership with the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, from Sept. 20-24.

This year, Chamber and LVGEA members will have the opportunity to attend the Washington, D.C. Fly-In in-person or virtually to interact with our federal policymakers from the comfort of their home or office. The Fly-In will offer a variety of meetings with decision-makers and policy experts throughout the week and receptions to build relationships and strengthen existing connections with Congressional leadership.

Whether it is online or in-person, we are ready to give you an overview of the app, events, and answer any questions you may have about the policy meetings during our Fly-In this year. Most importantly, this will be a great opportunity to get to know your fellow chamber members attending the Fly-In either in person or virtually. 

Early Bird Pricing/Registration Fees: Now – Aug. 1, 2021
  • $1,495 In-person Policy Registration per person
  • $649 Virtual Policy Registration per person

Early Bird Spouse Program Registration Fees: Now – Aug. 1, 2021
  • $895 In-person Registration per person
  • This does not include any of the policy briefing, think-tank discussions or congressional meetings.
  • Virtual attendance is not available for Spouse Program.


Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together: BizPAC
Recover. Rebuild. Reinvent Nevada Together is BizPAC’s campaign to ensure that the business community’s needs are well represented in the 2021 Legislative Session. By contributing through the Recover. Rebuild. Reinvite Nevada Together initiative, you are helping to ensure that the individuals serving in office support Nevada’s employers and employees. With your support of BizPAC, you are uniting with other business leaders in demonstrating to candidates for public office that the business community in Nevada is actively engaged in the political process and are willing to stand against onerous bills that will hurt the business community.
Through BizPAC, a bipartisan political action committee, the Vegas Chamber:
  • Supports pro-economy policymakers
  • Works to protect laws that support the business community
  • Ensures your interests and concerns are kept in front of elected officials
  • Champions legislation that supports economic growth and job creation for the state

To learn more about contributing to BizPAC or sponsoring an upcoming event, please contact Erica Valdriz or 702.245.8465, or click here to donate now.
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