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- Week of January 16, 2017 -
Owner Paralysis - i.e. Vapor Lock
When a tragic event happens, even the most rough and tumble executives can suffer from decisional paralysis. I don't mean physical paralysis in your body, I mean the inability to make a decision... Read More >
Do Something Awkward Every Day
As a manager, it may be often that you run in to a situation in which you must do something outside of your comfort zone. Mitigate stress and make this exercise easier for you by practicing uncomfortable and awkward situations every day... Read More >
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Safety: Communication, Communication, Communication

To be successful in heavy/civil construction, it is imperative to have a rudimentary understanding of engineering concepts. However, more often than not the primary reason for a project failure is the human factor versus gross misunderstanding or misapplication of an engineering. .. Read More >
The $5 Casio: Your Best Tool

With all of today's fancy and complex tools available in the marketplace, nothing is more important than simple calculations (and common sense). Rely on simplicity and basic math to check. .. Read More >
Incentive Clauses: Do they Work?

Engineers have wondered if incentive clauses are a benefit to Owners in producing a timely, or accelerated, contract completion. My experience has been that it is of great benefit to the Owner because of the aggressive nature of project completion by the. .. Read More >
Grammar for Pros... and the Rest of Us

I know that the majority of engineers and construction professionals cannot put together a paragraph void of grammar mistakes. .. Read More >
Owner Paralysis - i.e. Vapor Lock
Do Something Awkward Every Day
Incentive Clauses: Do they Work?
Grammar for Professionals
The $5 Casio: Your Best Tool
Embezzlement: Password Protection
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Hawaii News
What the Trump administration could mean for Hawaii business
Caddell Construction Awarded Construction of Clinic in Hawaii
Bill allows construction without completed archaeological survey 
Court rules Hawaii Dairy Farms began construction without all permits
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Hawaii Road Work Alerts
Top Industry Stories
How a letter to Trump reignited construction's contentious PLA debate
Tesla building world's largest rooftop solar farm on $5B NV gigafactory
OSHA finalizes beryllium exposure rule
Fixed Mega-Roof of Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium Spanning on Its Own 
6 technology trends that defined construction in 2016
8 stories that shaped the construction industry in 2016
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