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- Week of January 2, 2017 -
Safety: Communication, Communication, Communication

To be successful in heavy/civil construction, it is imperative to have a rudimentary understanding of engineering concepts. However, more often than not the primary reason for a project failure is the human factor versus gross misunderstanding or misapplication of an engineering principle. One of my personal experiences was in a crane failure, and one of the world's most impactful events killed 114 people. .. Read More >
The $5 Casio: Your Best Tool

With all of today's fancy and complex tools available in the marketplace, nothing is more important than simple calculations (and common sense). Rely on simplicity and basic math to check your work. .. Read More >
Reader Response
This Week's Question 
What is a reasonable time to expect for the return of an RFI:

A) Same day

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Embezzlement: Password Protection

Protecting your company passwords is like protecting any other asset.  Protect them or risk losing confidential information and/or thousands of dollars.

What is embezzlement?
This subject is one that should primarily concern company owners, but also employees.  Embezzlement is a crime punishable by jail time and/or fine depending on the state; it is the stealing of funds or property by a trusted protector of these. .. Read More >
The $5 Casio: Your Best Tool
Embezzlement: Password Protection
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Hawaii News
Hawaii construction outlook strong through 2018
Guests ordered to leave Waikiki hotel with unsafe conditions 
Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort redevelopment moving forward
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Miami Worldcenter developers score $89M construction loan 
Chinese developer plans to build 3 skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles
OSHA fines NJ contractor $112K for repeat fall, eye protection violations
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