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- Week of January 22, 2018 -
The Difference Between a Good and Great Estimator
Estimators are difficult to find, but one way to determine whether you have a good or great estimator on your staff, or in the interviewee chair, is whether or not they talk productivity rates or unit prices...  Read More >  
It's Concrete, not Cement
I was out with a construction buddy enjoying a beer a couple months ago in Seattle. He was sharing with me his dutiful teaching to his toddler son of concrete versus cement. I figured it was time for a handout...  Read More >  
Reader Response
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Here's where you should be using QR Codes today in your Construction Company
If you have a discreet thing  that you want to know about  or report about  now, use QR codes. Don't be wary of the technology or think it's a hassle to use. It's simple and powerful technology. You can use it today. You need it...  Read More >  
Construction Contract Review Basics
Each day we hand contracts down to our subs or we are signing contracts down from Owners or General Contractors. Know some of the basics of what to look for here...  Read More >  
Top 3 Reasons to Leave Spreadsheets
The electronic spreadsheet is arguably the most common tool used in the industry for everything from construction documentation to estimating to human resources.  Here are the top three reasons not to use them in some instances...  Read More >  
Dead is the Handshake
The "Steel Team" composed of fabricator and erector joined together to sue the owner and general contractor for failure to pay on changes. The "right" parties appeared to win, but they paid dearly...  Read More >  
Giving Workers a Voice Makes 
Job Sites Safer
As a project site safety manager, if all you had to do was "safety" all day, your job would be easy. But as a safety professional, much of your time is spent convincing project managers...  Read More >  
Why is the Accounting Department Telling Me How to Estimate?
Estimators know the construction work while the accountants know the financials. These two parties must work in harmony to benefit the company and their own livelihoods. This article recognizes the needs of both parties...  Read More >  
Anticipate Non-Obvious Movement to Prevent Serious Injury
T here exist thousands of hazards on a construction site. Some are obvious, some require more intimate knowledge of the industry and its equipment. Below are some of the non-obvious, learned hazards...  Read More >  
The Difference Between a Good and Great Estimator
It's Concrete, not Cement
Here's where you should be using QR Codes today in your Construction Company
Construction Contract Review Basics
Top 3 Reasons to Leave Spreadsheets
Dead is the Handshake
Giving Workers a Voice Makes Job Sites Safer
Why is the Accounting Department Telling Me How to Estimate?
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Hawaii News
Temp 34-ton weight restriction for Hanapepe River Bridge on Kaumualii Hwy begins Thursday, Jan. 25
Public informational meetings for Maui's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program
Nightly closure of the eastbound H-1 Freeway for the Kapolei Interchange Complex, Phase 2 project
Top Industry Stories
WA lawmakers greenlight $4B of construction projects
Report: Resilient design saves an avg of $6 for every $1 spent
Automation's opportunities and threats
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