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- Week of January 31, 2017 -
Determining Equipment Rates in Estimating
Equipment cost within an estimate is one of the most common areas to make large scale adjustments in a bid's price. It is also a large component of a heavy/civil construction company's bid and balance sheet. Because of these reasons, it is vital to know what your fleet is costing you. Start to take action on better... Read More >
Is that a "Pinky Ring"?
I wear one on the outside finger of my right hand. If you live in Canada, there's a good chance you've seen an engineer or two wearing one also. The story is a classic. A classic tragedy, unfortunately... Read More >
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Notice -  When in doubt, write it out!
Looking at a recent case in the state of Washington, a contractor attempted to be compensated for additional cost resulting from the project engineer's direction to perform work different from the contractor's desired sequence... Read More >
Owner Paralysis - i.e. Vapor Lock
When a tragic event happens, even the most rough and tumble executives can suffer from decisional paralysis. I don't mean physical paralysis in your body, I mean the inability to make a decision... Read More >
Do Something Awkward Every Day
As a manager, it may be often that you run in to a situation in which you must do something outside of your comfort zone. Mitigate stress and make this exercise easier for you by practicing uncomfortable and awkward situations every day... Read More >
The $5 Casio: Your Best Tool

With all of today's fancy and complex tools available in the marketplace, nothing is more important than simple calculations (and common sense). Rely on simplicity and basic math to check. .. Read More >
Determining Equipment Rates in Estimating
Is that a "Pinky Ring"? 
Owner Paralysis - i.e. Vapor Lock
Do Something Awkward Every Day
Incentive Clauses: Do they Work?
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Hawaii News
$5M residential project planned for oceanfront Kailua lot once owned by Punahou School
American Savings Bank sets start date for construction of new headquarters
Gov. Ige addresses affordable housing in speech, claims rental units most needed
Planned Waikiki condo-hotel tower on hold due to high construction costs
The Latest: Hawaii House Speaker mulls road tolls, rail tax
Billionaire Larry Ellison plans big changes for his Four Seasons Lanai hotel
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San Francisco's sinking Millennium Tower 
How President Trump has impacted the construction industry
California legislator proposes statewide solar mandate
10 US cities undergoing major population shifts 
Why 2017 will be the year of office construction
How a letter to Trump reignited construction's contentious PLA debate
OSHA finalizes beryllium exposure rule
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