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- Week of 10/24/16 -
Conversion of Inches to Feet

Imperial vs. metric: Length in the United States is still primarily measured using inches and feet - inches add up to feet add up to yards add up to miles. These are called Imperial units. The vastly more common way on the planet of measuring distance is by using the metric system - millimeters add up to centimeters add up to meters add up to kilometers.  Read More >

Scott Jennings, P.E., President of SJ Construction Consulting will be joining John Gallagher, Chief Estimator at Nordic PCL, as panelists leading the presentation and discussion topic:

What A/E Consultants and Project Owners Should
about Engineers' Cost Estimates & Contractor Bids for Hawaii Construction Projects

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Date: 11/03/16
Location: Pacific Club 

11/18/16: Lunch with Runjob!
Enjoy lunch on us,  meeting new colleagues, and learning about Runjob Software's newest module! Runjob's founder will be present and also our chief engineer to address your questions!  

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The Unilateral Change Order

The purpose of a change order is to add work to an existing contract. Ideally this work is added with mutually agreeable terms in scope, time, and cost. These terms often cannot be agreed upon and contractors feel coerced into signing ...  Read More >

Conversion of Inches to Feet (in decimals)
ACECH Nov Breakfast
Lunch with Runjob!
The Unilateral Change Order
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