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- Week of November 27, 2017 -
Anticipate Non-Obvious Movement to Prevent Serious Injury
T here exist thousands of hazards on a construction site. Some are obvious, some require more intimate knowledge of the industry and its equipment. Below are some of the non-obvious, learned hazards...  Read More >  
Top 5 Uh-Oh Signs of a Client
If you do not have a relationship with a client, or you are moving to a different management team within a familiar client, there can be some telltale warning signs. Listen to your client for some of the items listed below and beware.  Read More >  
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Runasset: On-Demand Asset Management
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Top 5 Countdown: 
Things to Look for in
Vendor Quotes
Each quote on bid day, whether from a subcontractor or a supplier, needs to be thoroughly reviewed before incorporating into the bid. Here's a Top 5 countdown!   Read More >  
Engineering Tip, Steel Erection:
If It's Taut, It's Carrying Load 
Yes, it's true that having the knowledge to work fancy mathematical equations is of value and necessity to ensure things stay standing and to protect human life. But, do not ever underestimate the power of common sense...  Read More >  
In Choosing a Software,
Best Advice is to Talk to a Friend 
There exists construction software to do nearly all functions in your construction company. Your best source of software advice:   Read More >  
Changes in the 2017 AIA A201/A101/A401 Docs 
Probably the most common construction contract documents in use in America are the AIA (American Institute of Architects) documents. The A101/A201 for Owner-General Contractor and the A401 for General Contractor-Subcontractor were both reissued in 2017. ..   Read More >  
The "All Zeroes One" Code Prevents Lost A/P Invoices 
A key component of job cost reporting is accurate posting of accounts payable (A/P). The time between receiving the invoice in the mail and posting it to your job cost reports can be fatal to a job, or a company. The answer is to not let the invoice out of the main office until it's been posted to the project. Use the "all zeroes one" code to capture this cost...  Read More >  
An Alternative to Eichleay: HOOP! 
Contractors delayed by the owner often want to be reimbursed 'x' dollars per 'y' days for the cost of home office overhead. Most contractors are used to using the Eichleay Formula to recoup this cost. There's a new formula available from a case in Ohio: the HOOP Formula. ..  Read More >  
Getting Paid: Some Suggestions 
The law provides the rules of getting paid in construction. Sometimes contractors must use the law, other times there are other easier (less expensive and quicker) ways of getting paid. ..  Read More >  
Bidding out a Civil Construction Project: Part II 
In this  two-part series, in  Part I, we concentrated first on Engineer selection and drafting of Contract Documents. In  Part II, we talk about the bid process and the considerations in the management of your construction project. ..  Read More >  
Anticipate Non-Obvious Movement to Prevent Serious Injury 
Top 5 Uh-Oh Signs of a Client
Engineering Tip, Steel Erection: If It's Taut, It's Carrying Load
In Choosing a Software - Best Advice is to Talk to a Friend
Changes in the 2017 AIA A201/A101/A401 Documents 
The "All Zeroes One" Code Prevents Lost A/P Invoices
An Alternative to Eichleay: HOOP!
Getting Paid: Some Suggestions
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