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- Week of December 5, 2016 -
Escrowing Bid Documents: What, Where, How, Why, & When?

Escrowing your bid documents and estimate calculations allows the contractor and owner to review all documents relied upon and created by the contractor as of bid day. If this method of price evaluation is accepted by the owner, it can be an invaluable asset during a project dispute ... Read More >
Choosing a Professional Services Provider

How do you pick an attorney, a banker, a certified public accountant, an insurance agent, or an engineer?
General:  As a contractor, you need the following professional services on a regular basis ... Read More >
The "All Zeroes One" Code Prevents Lost A/P Invoices

A key component of job cost reporting is accurate posting of accounts payable (A/P). The time between receiving the invoice in the mail and posting it to your job cost reports can be fatal to a job, or a company. The answer is to not let the invoice out of the main office until it's been posted to the project. Use the "all zeroes one" code to capture this cost in a job... Read More >
Weekly Survey
This Week's Question 
In the case of an error or omission by the Engineer or Architect (A/E) on the project, do you think that the A/E firm should have financial responsibility to the Project Owner? In other words, if a change to the contract is a result of an error or omission by the A/E, should he or she have to pay for all or a portion of this cost? 

A) Strongly disagree.

B) Disagree.

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Calculation of Workers' Compensation (WC), General Liability (GL) & Bond in your Estimates

Many estimators do not understand how workers' compensation, general liability, and bond costs are calculated. This article discusses these calculations and how to properly include them in ...  Read More >  
Trending Stories
Software Reduces Overhead Labor

Labor. It may be your largest, but is most certainly your most volatile, construction cost. The craft labor is the major cost, but the overhead labor can eat into budgets as well too.
Escrowing Bid Documents: What, Where, How, Why, & When?
Choosing a Professional Services Provider
The All Zeroes One Code Prevents Lost A/P Invoices
Calculation of Workers' Comp, General Liability & Bond in Estimates
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished 
Conversion of Inches to Feet (in decimals)
Hawaii News
Court rules Hawaii Dairy Farms began construction without all permits 
Hawaii contractor gets $21M military contract for work at Florida base
Japanese developer starts construction on large Hawaii solar farm
Delayed Project on Big Island Starts
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General Contractors Labor Association Holiday Schedule 
Hawaii Road Work Alerts
Top Industry Stories
Civil engineering society issues first-ever tsunami-safe building standards
'Listening' to signals traveling through bridges for diagnosing damage
Army Halts Construction Of Dakota Access Pipeline
$8 million road construction project aimed at saving rare ocelots
Agency calls for massive infrastructure spending to boost global economy 
The Future of the Field: How mentoring can boost an industry 'ripe for innovation'
Feds propose high-speed rail regulations
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