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- Week of February 20, 2017 -
Need it or Want it?
Develop behavioral cost controls in your employees by incubating a need versus want mentality on purchases.
The ATM perception. Things look great - you own the company and your last name is on the side of excavators and dump trucks all over town. The guys in the field think the company can afford anything - and that perception flows over into all purchases from the foreman buying another hard hat at the safety store (because his favorite laborer just can't remember to. .. Read More >  
Construction is a Battlefield
I was surfing the web recently and I saw an article by a construction management student. I read it, and it was good. It talked about efficiency of communication and the ability to manage people and to track budgets et cetera, et cetera. And all that is true. But that's usually how it goes inside the climate-controlled four walls of the site trailer where there's endless coffee and a warm toilet seat over clear water.
I saw this quote years ago . .. Read More >  
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Profit Fade - Avoiding It 
Reduce profit fade at the end of your projects by adjusting building habits and getting the right  people in place to finish your jobs strong. Several suggestions from years of experience are provided here.   So often a good job goes bad, but just at the end. Your company executive asks you "what happened, we were ... Read More >  
The Engineer was Negligent
The Law in the June 2016 issue ( "Engineer Found Negligent for Not Verifying Product Data," page 92) discussed a legal case in  which a contractor installed an en­gineer-specified rain tank that later failed, causing financial damage to the project owner. The column explains that "the highest court in Virginia re­cently dove into the following two is­sues: (1) whether a contract between a contractor and an owner can... Read More >  
Software Designed by Construction Professionals  
Runjob Software is not like other construction management software - it's designed by industry  professionals. And because of this, we will always be on the cutting edge of ideas and improvements in the software.
Runjob's founder and designer, Scott Jennings, has been designated as a Certified Construction Manager (CCM No. 8538).  Scott earned this designation through experience and examination.  Here's a little more about ... Read More >
Need it or Want it?
Construction is a Battlefield
Profit Fade - Avoiding It
The Engineer was Negligent
Why track extra costs...and how?
Software Designed by Construction Professionals
Determining Equipment Rates in Estimating
Hawaii News
Japanese wedding company sues developer of failed Waikiki project
Repairs to Kahala water main break could take until Thursday
Jeanne Skog to step down from Maui Economic Development Board
Report says Hawaii households saved average of $945 in 2015 due to efficiency standards
Yes, We Can Build Our Way Out Of The Housing Shortage
Kitty Lagareta is PBN's Women Who Mean Business 2017 Career Achievement Honoree
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Top Industry Stories
The return of the neighborhood market: Why grocery-anchored developments are on the rise
History coming down: Old Seattle Times building tumbling
Toshiba Announces $6.3 B Writedown On A $229 M Construction Company Acquisition 
TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: High-tech freeway signs coming to Project Neon in Nevada
WA contractor fined $203K for fall hazards
Report reveals new cost, plans for Trump's Mexico border wall
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