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- Week of March 13, 2017 -
Killer Clauses: No Damages for Delay
A presentation on March 8, 2017 at the 98th Annual AGC Convention reviewed ten (10) "killer clauses" in contracts.  The "No Damages for Delay Clause" was #4; it is  discussed,  and proposed language to neutralize the clause is presented.   A presentation prepared by Brian Perlberg (Senior Counsel, Construction Law, AGC of America), Michael Zisa (Partner, Peckar & Abramson, Washington ... Read More >    
Reader Response
This Week's Question 
Has your company ever fell victim to a "No Damages for Delay" clause in a contract?
A)  Yes
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A Contractor's Cash Flow: Acknowledgement and Improvement
Managing cash flow is imperative and it never hurts to see these challenges on paper.  This article reminds you  as  the owner, the chief financial officer, or as a member of the project management team of the challenge of staying cash positive.   If you've had a career with a large cash-rich company ... Read More >    
Best Way to Save Money is to Not Spend It 
When in a changed condition situation, the best way to minimize loss or to survive, depending on the case, is   not  to spend less, it's to   not spend at all. Take advantage of situations where you can spend zero.
We've all been in a situation where we're going about our business of performing our scope of work under the conditions clearly expected and as. .. Read More >    
Need it or Want it?
Develop behavioral cost controls in your employees by incubating a need versus want mentality on purchases.
The ATM perception. Things look great - you own the company and your last name is on the side of excavators and dump trucks all over town. The guys in the field think the company can afford anything - and that perception flows over into all purchases from. .. Read More >  
Killer Clauses:  No Damages for Delay
A Contractor's Cash Flow: Acknowledgement and Improvement 
Best Way to Save Money is to Not Spend It
Need it or Want it?
Construction is a Battlefield
Profit Fade - Avoiding It
Hawaii News
Developer starts construction on 410-home, off-grid Hawaii project
Outrigger completes $2.5 million renovation of The Plaza Hotel near Honolulu airport
Sun Noodle planning multi-million dollar renovation project for Kalihi headquarters
The new hub for Hawaii's up and coming chefs: Slideshow
Major power plants may be in the works at 2 Hawaii military bases
Hawaii Road Work Alerts
Top Industry Stories
The Dotted Line: How employers can protect construction workers from external threats
ABC: Construction material prices continue to climb in February 
Hunt Construction files $27M lawsuit against subcontractor for delays on Austin, TX hotel
38 states add construction jobs in January as firms fight to keep up with demand
The 50 States of Construction: How NY firms adapt to complex logistics, soaring demand
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