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- Week of April 10, 2017 -
Owner Involvement, Careful What You Wish For
Owner involvement in the way of project management and furnishing material is done for one primary reason:  to save money for the owner.  It doesn't always happen.  The owner's decisions in these regards can cost the contractor money.  Or the taxpayer.   I think that many owners feel that project management of a construction project is an easy way to cut construction costs ...  Read More >  
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The Good and the Bad of Contracting
Contracting can be the most fantastic of businesses, but also one of the toughest.  Read about some of the things that make it the best and the worst of businesses.   I think that everyone thinks their business is different from everyone else's.  As I travel the country, I hear it from every contractor I meet:  "well, our business is. ..  Read More >  
Consistency Results in Predictability
Sustaining a business, and more so growing a business, relies heavily on consistency in business practices.  Start today with improving your company's practices so that profitability can be maintained and even improved.  Better yet, let your consistent practices help you better predict the future.  In construction, inconsistency can be seen in all phases of winning and...  Read More >   
Jury Finds City Acted in Bad Faith and Contractor Still Pays His Own Attorney's Fees
Kevin McKeon,  Senior  Partner at Watt Tieder (McLean, Virginia), reported in their firm's Fall 2016 newsletter on an interesting case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  Despite the jury finding the City of Allentown acted in bad faith, the trial judge, at her discretion as permitted by law, did not award attorney's fees and penalty to the Contractor when said  award  was...  Read More >  
Owner Involvement, Careful What You Wish For
The Good and the Bad of Contracting
Consistency Results in Predictability
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Developer reveals details on long-planned West Oahu housing project
Redevelopment of the Makena Resort on Maui could start in 2018
Construction to turn former Niketown building into hotel could start in 2018
Oahu solar energy contractors list features familiar names
Oahu coast will be preserved from development after sale to Livable Hawaii Kai Hui
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Top Industry Stories
The Dotted Line: How to avoid schedule delays through careful planning, effective contracts
Builders continue to put larger homes on smaller lots
CA developer to turn shipping containers into veterans' housing
Federal mobility data helps state, local governments make more IT 
Taller buildings coming: Seattle council approves upzone in downtown, South Lake Union
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