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- Week of April 18, 2017 -
Concrete Formwork - Pressure not a Function of Wall Thickness
Just a quickie on formwork pressures.  One of my foremen once asked me if we needed more form ties in a 24" thick wall versus a 12" thick wall.  That answer is "no".   Concrete, when being placed, is liquid.  Just like water.  And as all carpenters know, form ties are used to resist pressure pushing against the forms.  The difference in pressure is only a function of two variables:  the density of the liquid ...  Read More >  
Field Tip:  If in a Confrontation, Don't Hang Up on the Police
I just learned this one a couple months ago from a fantastic superintendent - Mike. One of his foremen called to him to say that he was having a confrontation with a homeowner - we cut down a tree that was shown on our plans to remove, but the homeowner thought for years that he owned the tree. He didn't. It was owned by the City and was just outside of the homeowner's property.
As the homeowner was in Mike's foreman's face yelling and threatening ...  Read More >  
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Owner Involvement, Careful What You Wish For
Owner involvement in the way of project management and furnishing material is done for one primary reason:  to save money for the owner.  It doesn't always happen.  The owner's decisions in these regards can cost the contractor money.  Or the taxpayer.   I think that many owners feel that project management of a construction project is an easy way to cut construction costs ...  Read More >  
The Good and the Bad of Contracting
Contracting can be the most fantastic of businesses, but also one of the toughest.  Read about some of the things that make it the best and the worst of businesses.   I think that everyone thinks their business is different from everyone else's.  As I travel the country, I hear it from every contractor I meet:  "well, our business is. ..  Read More >  
Concrete Formwork - Pressure not a Function of Wall Thickness
Field Tip:  If in a Confrontation, Don't Hang Up on the Police
Owner Involvement, Careful What You Wish For
The Good and the Bad of Contracting
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