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- Week of May 08, 2017 -
It's great that your estimators just landed a new project, but your  competitive advantage can be lost without a synchronized handoff to the field team. Make  sure to have a formal meeting between the estimating and project management teams
before the project starts ...  Read More >  
Bid Unbalancing - How It's Done to Increase Profit
Contractors unbalance unit prices in their bids to take advantage of anticipated quantity overruns and underruns. An intelligent unbalancing of the unit prices can result in higher profits. Of course, that's the contractors' goal. Review the example provided to see how it's done...  Read More >  
Reader Response
This Week's Question 
Does your company have a formal handoff between estimating team and field management team ?
A) Yes.
B) No.
C) I do not see any value in this.
D) Not applicable.

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Award Reversed Because of No Expert Testimony
A Washington concrete contractor, Salinas Construction, Inc. (SCI), was awarded $404,000 of its requested $425,000 for a job at U.S. Army Joint Base Lewis-McChord only to see this decision  reversed in district court. The problem was that SCI did not offer expert testimony, despite warnings ...  Read More >  
Concrete Formwork - Pressure not a Function of Wall Thickness
Just a quickie on formwork pressures. One of my foremen once asked me if we needed more form ties in a 24" thick wall versus a 12" thick wall. That answer is "no". Concrete, when being placed, is liquid. Just like water. And as all carpenters know, form ties are used to resist pressure pushing against the forms. The difference in pressure is only a function of two variables ...  Read More >  
Estimate Handoff - Estimators to Field Team
Bid unbalancing - how it's done to increase profit
Award Reversed Because of No Expert Testimony
Concrete Formwork - Pressure not a Function of Wall Thickness
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Hawaii News
Honolulu construction costs increasing at slower rate, report finds
Kamehameha Schools starts 'soft demolition' of Keauhou Beach hotel
Hawaiian Electric, NRG Energy strike deal on 3rd Oahu solar farm
HI Road Work Alerts
Crane Watch: Oahu
Top Industry Stories
Safety Week 2017: Breaking down construction safety by the numbers
NJ carpenter awarded $2M in eye-protection case; contractor found negligent
A guide to construction site safety
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