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- Week of May 29, 2017 -

Many estimators do not understand how workers' compensation, 
general liability, and bond costs are calculated. This article discusses these calculations and how to properly include them...  Read More >  
Reader Response
This Week's Question 
Does your company estimate the cost of Workers' Compensation as a function of

A) Labor classification
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Balance Sheet - Knowing the Basics of Liabilities
Balance Sheet: Knowing the Basics of Liabilities
The balance sheet says a great deal about a company. If you're a  business owner you better know how to read your own, as well as that of your clients and  subcontractors. This week we discuss the Liabilities section ...  Read More >  
Balance Sheet - Knowing the Basics of Assets
Knowing the basics of accounting is essential in business. Knowing the balance sheet will help you assess your own financial health as well as that of your clients or subcontractors. Here are some basics on the balance sheet and, specifically, the
assets section
Read More >  
Calculation of Workers' Comp, General Liability (GL) & Bond in your Estimates
Balance Sheet - Knowing the Basics of Liabilities
Balance Sheet - Knowing the Basics of Assets
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Hawaii News
2017 Outlook: From the GCA of Hawaii
Guam joint venture receives $27M military contract for work on Diego Garcia 
The List expanded: General contractors & construction projects
HI Road Work Alerts
Crane Watch: Oahu
Top Industry Stories
Seattle's extreme housing crunch expected to continue 
Trump budget cuts funding for seismic early warning system
Mass timber 101: Understanding the emerging building type
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