Volume 6 | Sept 2018
You will notice a change in our logo and begin to see a change in the messages that we put out. We are moving toward a focus not just on heart attack and stroke prevention but the prevention and reversal, of other chronic diseases. Our treatments are getting people off insulin, blood pressure medication, and a whole host of prescriptions that people had been told would be needed for the rest of their lives. The results we have seen are amazing and we are going to let people know what can be done.

Patients who are free of their chronic disease have been cured of that disease. The paradigm of "long term management" of these chronic diseases is one that we cannot endorse. It leaves many in our community to suffer. While these may seem life very lofty claims, these statements are based on evidence and our knowledge of the change we have made in the lives of those in our care.

The Root Causes:
LDL Particle Size

There is more to LDL and HDL than a single number. There is small and large LDL and small and large HDL. The number reported in the standard lipid panel is actually a sum total "weight" of a bucket of particles of different size and density.  Click on the link below to find out more about what you can learn from a lipid panel and how it can be used to guide treatment

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Creativity, awakening, curiosity, happiness; these don't usually come up when you are asking people about their symptoms during a doctor's appointment.

It is a common occurance to hear this from those we work with. They are not just strenghtening the body but also rejuvenating the mind. Mindfulness, meditation, prayer and daily gratitude are all methods to help guide and harness the mind as you reawaken the possibilities of a healthy brain.

Life & Death and a Saliva Test

We have talked before about the importance of oral health and the connection to heart attack and stroke risk. Chris Krammer DDS, another BaleDoneen provider, shared his feelings on the importance of oral health and specifically testing for oral pathogens.

Dr Backs and Coach Mike had the opportunity to talk with a group at CrossFit Edwardsville about the Longevity program developed at CrossFit Instinct. The invitation came from owners Greg and Caroline Skelly along with Coach Mark Donavon because they are going to be launching their own Longevity program for the Glen Carbon and Edwardsville area. 

Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes?

Dr Peter Attia gives a great talk about insulin resistance, what is driving the obesity and diabetes epidemic, and how so many people have been looking at this problem incorrectly.

He talks about a concept we hold closely, that this problem is too important not to solve and that we need to change the way that healthcare is treating the problem.

He sums up what we hope more doctors will understand " you needed a doctor who was willing to consider maybe you didn't let the system down. Maybe the system, of which I was a part, was letting you down."

The Library
Our Story Shared with Dr Fung

We were really excited to meet Dr Fung at the CrossFit Health Conference. He gave a wonderful presentation to the group and spent time talking with Dr Backs and Coach Mike about the results that we have gotten with the help of intermittent fasting. Dr Fung even asked for an article from Dr Backs to share on his blog.

Many of you are already a part of the Fasters group and getting the daily support message from Coach Mike. The group is focused on clean eating, intermittent fasting, and taking effective steps to improve results. We have seen amazing results, with drops in body fat and visceral fat, more than a ton in the last year There is no cost to get the morning message and start learning about how to change your life.

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