Volume 6 | Sept 2018
Happy Thanksgiving from The Center for Prevention,

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday shared with loved ones. We are thankful for everyone who we have been able to help over the last year. There are so many people sharing our message and telling their loved ones that there is a way to reverse and cure chronic disease. We are thankful for our partners in the community that help promote our work and the growing group of people helping to expand and improve our care.

Travel safe and keep your health in mind over the holidays.
The Root Causes:
Oral Pathogens

Your oral health has a bigger impact on your overall health than you may suspect. Inflammation and disease in the mouth can have a negative impact throughout your whole body and lead to some very serious conditions. These include arterial disease (heart attack and stroke), metabolic disease (insulin resistance/prediabetes/Type 2 Diabetes), cancer, and inflammatory arthritis. 

Genetic Testing and Better Treatment

We now offer Personalized Genomic Testing, including an interactive web portal that allows us to plug in information about your lifestyle, medical conditions, medications and supplements to correlate with a comprehensive genetic assessment for medication metabolism and influence on lifestyle choices. 
This powerful tool allows us to uncover potential risks from drug side effects and interactions that can affect you but not others and vice versa. Alternatives can be substituted to find the best fit for you, not just the average person.

Healthy Hot Chocolate

As it gets cold there are a few things that everyone loves to feel warm and cozy, and hot chocolate is at the top of most people's lists. The problem is with all the added sugar and highly processed ingredients in most commercial hot chocolate mixes. So we thought we would share these recipes for a healthier alternative to the store bought mix.

Interview with Mark Rabin

Dr Backs sat down with Mark, one of our patients, to talk about his experience taking back his health and getting off medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. At 77, Mark just finished a 4 day 500 mile bike race and has an amazing story.

If you have any doubt that you can take back your health then watch Mark's story because it will inspire you to take action.
The Library
The End of Alzheimer's
An amazing look into another one of the chronic diseases that are causing so much pain for so many families. This is a great resource for those who are worried about thier risk for Alzheimer's and dementia.

Dr Bredesen has develped a program that addresses all the issues related to Alzheimer's instead of just hoping there will be a wonder drug created to stop this disease. The book explains why the traditional approach has not worked and what can be done.
Heart Talk with Dr Amy Doneen

We would highly recommend that you take a look at Dr. Doneen's newsletter as well. It is a great update for all of the science behind Beat the Heart Attack Gene.

Many of you are already a part of the Fasters group and getting the daily support message from Coach Mike. The group is focused on clean eating, intermittent fasting, and taking effective steps to improve results. We have seen amazing results, with drops in body fat and visceral fat, more than a ton in the last year There is no cost to get the morning message and start learning about how to change your life.

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