Lund in southern Sweden is the home for two of the country’s largest research facilities, ESS and MAX IV. ESS stands for European Spallation Source and is centered around the most powerful neutron source in the world, acting as a gigantic microscope able to analyze materials on a molecular and atomic level by using neutrons. This will allow scientists to study the structure of a variety of materials and products such as proteins, medicines and plastic. Construction started in 2014 and ESS is set to open for research in 2023, with a yearly operating cost of €140 million.

Just a short distance from ESS is the location of the MAX IV laboratory, the most ambitious venture in terms of scientific infrastructure in all of Sweden and world’s most powerful synchrotron radiation facility. MAX IV is open since 2016 and upon final completion the facility will be able to host more than 2000 scientists yearly, providing them the opportunity to do research in fields such as nanotechnology, chemistry and structural biology.