Volume III | March 2022
Interview with YP Simon Bergbom @ We Don't Have Time, Talent Mobility Project Launch, Telia Carrier name change, Major open position alert at Securitas, Upcoming events
Since 1989 SACC-DC has offered a platform for developing U.S. – Swedish lucrative commercial ventures and professional opportunities through our network and business and social events. The SACC-DC Newsletter will help you stay on top of what’s happening in the Swedish-American business community and find the perfect opportunity to create new business connections in the greater Washington D.C. area and Mid-Atlantic region.
From the Executive Director
Dear Friends,

The SACC DC team has been working hard to develop networking opportunities and insightful events as Covid restrictions loosen and in person activities resume. I am very pleased to share the following upcoming events in the next 2 months:
April 7: Happy Hour at Sequoia 4-6 pm
April 26: The inaugural Scandinavian Innovation Forum "Green Supply Chains in a Carbon-free Future" held at the Royal Embassy of Norway
May 17: Networking and launch of SACC-DC B2B Matchmaking and Trade Services, 4-6 pm

Please scroll down to Upcoming Events for more details!

Speaking of in person events - the Board of SACC DC are excited to have their first in person/hybrid board meeting this week after two years on Zoom!

Finally, I would recommend you to read Simon Bergbom's fascinating journey as a Young Professional. A great example of "sliding doors" and circumstances leading to exciting opportunities.

Happy reading!
Interview with Simon Bergbom, Strategic Partnership Manager at We Don't Have Time
You grew up in Sweden, started your career in the U.S, went back to Sweden and now you are a Young Professional in Washington D.C. - please tell us about your journey!
I interned for the first time during my bachelor's in the US in a small town in South Carolina where one of my professors was running for Congress. I actually interned with him for one semester, and found it interesting seeing how a grassroots campaign works in the US. During the internship I attended political meetings and developed an understanding of the US political system. One of my key take-aways was that one person’s campaigning and engagement can have an extensive impact for so many people.
My second internship was conducted at the Swedish mission to the UN in New York, where I was at the fifth Committee of the UN known as the Budget and Management Committee. One could argue it is basically the most important UN committee, with it submitting and deciding who gets the money. Countries essentially use the committee to make power plays. Such committee usage stems from a high degree of micromanage for almost every position that the UN Secretary wants to hire, where approval from the committee is necessary even for junior level position.
After that, I was supposed to do a fellowship at Atlantic Council here in Washington DC, but because of some visa issues, I ended up just going to the U.S. to represent the Swedish Centre Party for about two months until COVID made it difficult to stay in the U.S. As the Centre Party's representative in D.C., I was mostly doing research, meeting with U.S. politicians, as well as NGOs and think tanks. The goal was to develop the Centre Party's U.S. network and see what we could learn from actors in DC. All in all, it's a random series of events that has led me to my current position in the U.S.

Then you ended up joining “We Don’t Have Time”. Please tell us a bit about that!
The company was founded in 2016 by Ingmar Rentzhog, who previously ran his own communications firm with clients such as JPMorgan and BlackRock. In 2016, when Trump was elected president, Ingmar realized that our leaders would not solve the climate crisis, so he decided to use his expertise in communication to do something. He founded We Don't Have Time, a review platform and social network for anyone passionate about the climate. The platform's goal is to make it profitable to be climate-friendly and expensive to pollute. On wedonthavetime.org, users can give Climate Love to companies, organizations, and individuals that contribute to solving the climate crisis and Climate Warnings to those who destroy it. Today We Don't Have Time has a social media reach of more than 75 million people every month.
On the platform you can contribute to any review system covering climate warnings, climate ideas, and climate love. Climate love is given to companies, organizations and individuals that contribute to improve the climate. We consider climate love an important tool since the climate movement is very negative in tone, which of course reflects the current research related to the climate. However, we aim to encourage the exponential climate actions prevalent today by adopting a positive solution-oriented mindset. Climate warnings put a spotlight on the actors acting in a harmful manner and is followed up by actions from the platform. Lastly, though our petition-based climate ideas we aspire to connect ideas with capital and the right people, to encourage action. At this moment, the platform has over 700 investors. However, we are set to expand and have a series of fundraising rounds active, hoping to raise €10 million during the summer.

As a Young Professional Member at SACC-DC, what do you expect from your membership?
I have followed SACC-DC on social media for a while now, and even applied for a position at the Chamber way back. I enjoy the organization because of all the fantastic activities, sometimes hosted at the beautiful venue of House of Sweden. I genuinely value being part of this small, friendly Swedish community in DC. I have always received relevant input and exchanges from my encounters at SACC-DC. I even found a Swedish dentist here in DC thanks to the Swedish community, so you never know what surplus value a membership might bring. I appreciate the Swedish connection and foremost I feel SACC-DC is a great network to be able to tap into both professionally as well as socially.
SACC-USA launches Talent Mobility collaboration project
SACC-USA, the umbrella organization encompassing SACC-DC and 18 other regional chambers across the U.S., recently launched a new talent mobility collaboration program, SIREUS. It's a project involving 12 prestigious Swedish partner universities stretching over three years, with support from the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC and the Swedish Institute. SIREUS aims to increase the number of trainee exchange programs between Sweden and the U.S., as well as intensifying the knowledge exchange between the two countries through research and innovation.

For additional information about the participating partner universities and contacts, please click here.
Telia Carrier changes name to Arelion
Since January 19 2022, SACC-DC member company Telia Carrier is rebranded as Arelion. The core of business hasn't changed however, with Arelion continuing to provide network connectivity services to a market spanning three continents and 125 countries. In light of the situation in Ukraine, Arelion has made a priority to ensure that people of Ukraine stay connected in times of crisis. Arelion has also taken mitigating measures in these uncertain times to strengthen security precautions, ensure employee safety and adjourn all commerical business in Russia.

For those interested in learning more about Arelion's work, please click here.
Securitas Opening - Director, Mobile Guarding Solutions
Securitas is looking to fill the extremely important position of Director of Solutions for Mobile Guarding. The position involves positioning, marketing and strategic development responsibility for integrated guarding services.

Read more about the position and apply here.

Upcoming Events
Happy Hour Invite April 7
On April 7, SACC-DC is inviting you to a Happy Hour at Seqouia's outdoor bar from 4-6pm. Seqouia is located in Georgetown close to House of Sweden and offers great views of the Potomac river.

Please note that everyone pays for their own drinks. We hope you will join us for a late afternoon drink and networking in a relaxed setting!
Green Supply Chains in a Carbon-free Future
The U.S. Demand for Green Materials and Scandinavia's Supply-Driven Innovations
In collaboration with the Swedish and Norwegian Embassies, SACC-DC, together with NACC-MA, invite you to explore the untapped demand for sustainable materials, such as batteries and steel, in the US market, and the Scandinavian supply potential of green production. The forum and networking reception will be devoted to the latest business insights and great networking opportunities with industry leaders, government officials and think tank representatives among others.
WHEN: April 26, 2022, 2 pm - 6.30 pm
WHERE: Atlantic Ocean Hall, Royal Embassy of Norway, 2720 34th St, NW
For a teaser on the event and more information check our website
The event is by invitation only and there are limited spots. If you are interested in this topic and would like to attend (at no charge), please send an email to Julia Jäger at julia.jager@sacc-dc.org

May 17 at 4 pm
SACC-DC Networking & Launch of Business Services
at Axis Communications Experience Center
Come mingle and network with SACC-DC members and learn about our new Business Services Trade Services and B2B Matchmaking! The launch will be celebrated with a networking event sponsored by Axis Communications and hosted at their office and experience center in Arlington, VA.

For a virtual preview of Axis' impressive office space and experience center, click here.
June 2, 2022
SACC-USA Executive Forum
House of Sweden, Washington D.C.
The theme of this year, Navigating Turbulent Waters, will take stock of new market solutions, groundbreaking technologies, and strategies to tackle challenges such as climate change, and much more.The executive forum is a full day, in person event and will feature several highly regarded speakers.

Tickets are offered to a highly reduced price for SACC members. Sounds interesting? Make sure to save your seat at Executive Forum, seeing as the event has sold out six years in a row.
Remember to renew your membership for 2022
Visit membership portal to renew or our membership page to join.

SACC DC organizes many events throughout the year to give our members access to professional networking. We also tailor trade missions for Swedish companies interested in the Greater Washington, D.C. area. Whether an individual with a keen interest in or connection with Sweden living in D.C. or a company looking to establish new relationships, we can help you reach your next goal.
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