Eyelash obsession is nothing new. But, did you know that it began centuries ago in ancient Rome after author Pliny the Elder  linked lashes to youth and chastity? Yup, he actually wrote that "eyelashes fell out from excessive  sex!"

In as early as in 1899, brave women had lashes implanted into their eyelids with needles. More fearful women glued human hair to their eyelids. Neither was long lasting as the hair often fell off shortly after it was placed.

In 1911, a Canadian woman, Anna Taylor, patented artificial lashes and shortly thereafter, in 1915, NYC hairdresser Karl Nessler sold lash services in his hair salon. He touted them, according to the  New York Times , as "a guard against the glare of electric lights." He even hired chorus girls to wear them and bat their lashes at customers to entice them. A new era in lash extensions was born.

In 1916, Hollywood director. D. W. Griffith ordered a wig maker to glue human hair onto actress Seena Owen's own eyelashes to make them look supernatural. Unfortunately, the adhesive was highly irritating, making their use short-lived. But, by the 1920s and 1930s, with new technology, many women were using false eyelashes. Although men became fearful of these overgrown appendices, women were hooked and lashes became bigger and bolder. In the 1940s and 1950s, technology evolved further to include lighter and more wearable lashes, and the use of false lashes continued with a fervor into the 1960s.

Fake eyelashes fell out of favor briefly in the 1970s and 1980s because makeup became more muted and natural. A resurgence occurred in the 1990s, with lash extensions evoking a retro bombshell look. In the 2000s, faux lashes got even more extravagant with Madonna wearing a $10,000 pair of mink and diamond ones on her tour.
Today, eyelash extensions are mainstream. They are sold at Walmart and Neimans, and worn in the workplace and at the nightclub. Whether it is a selfie of a celebrity on the red carpet or a friend on In stagram,  eyelash extensions are everywhere. But, beauty buyer beware! As with all things in life, there are risks and there are certainly dangers associated with this seemingly innocuous beauty ritual. The most long-lasting risk is that natural lashes tend to fall out.

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