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Vol 10, Issue 2
June 2019

Rainy Days and Mondays 
If you're like us, you waited all winter for the warm, sunny days of summer, only to be greeted by what seems like an endless string of gray and rainy days.

While thinking about saving for a rainy day, we hope you'll find Jason Staley's article of interest below. He points out that while markets have been generally positive in 2019, there are still reasons to be cautious.

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Take Nothing For Granted: Make Sure Your Cash is Working For You
by: Jason Staley, CFA, CAIA

While the rebound in equity markets over the past six months (except for a rather unpleasant May) has been quite enjoyable, it has come with a cost: falling bond yields. There was a sense of optimism emanating from savers, that after a decade of being punished with historically low interest rates, they would finally begin to be compensated for cash held in their checking and savings accounts. The benchmark 10 year U.S. bond yield began the year at 2.66%,1 with many market participants forecasting the yield to reach 3% by year end. It stood to reason that if the benchmark yield (from which most interest bearing investments are based off of) is rising, savers could expect the yields in their checking and savings accounts to rise as well.
However, the quiet optimism that these savers brought into 2019 (who have been forced to sacrifice for a decade in order to help heal and stabilize an economy coming off the worst recession since the Great Depression) would expeditiously evaporate. A destructive mixture of geopolitical uncertainty, uneven trade policy, and conflicting capital market signals led investors to cool on their expectations of global growth. The abrupt turn in market sentiment led bond yields to fall precipitously, with the benchmark 10 year U.S. treasury yield falling from 2.66% to 2.00%, a decline in yield of 25%.2 In October of 2018, a FDIC-insured two year CD yielded 3.05%,3 while similar FDIC-insured two year CD yields are now yielding 2.15%.The ramifications of the decline in yields in the U.S. Treasury markets quickly manifested in savers losing out on interest income.
The compression in yields is forcing investors and advisors to, once again, be more creative in finding suitable cash/cash equivalent investments. It has been well documented that banks are not going to reward clients with increased yields in traditional checking and savings accounts.5 Rather than pass through interest rate increases, as the U.S. Federal Reserve increased the overnight lending rate (referred to as the Fed Funds Rate) over the last four years from 0.0% to 2.50%,banks have kept the majority for themselves. This previously mentioned dynamic is how you get a Fed Funds Rate of 2.5%, but checking and savings account yields remain between 0.3% and 0.5%.
If you are sitting on excess cash or thinking about investing in a CD, please reach out to your SDWMA advisor. There are many options to consider, including options you may not be aware of. The ever changing landscape in fixed income markets demands a fluid and evolving response by clients and advisors alike. Take nothing for granted, make sure your cash is working as hard for you now as you did to earn it.

3UBS Bank USA 3.05% FDIC INS Due 10/29/2020 CUSIP 90348JFH8, Morgan Stanley Bank 3.05% FDIC INS due 11/02/2020 CUISP 61690
4Charles Schwab Institutional Trading Desk Figures as of 6/25/2019; subject to change

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