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Keeping Our Members Informed and Connected

February 2024

Member Highlights and Successes

Letting us know about the accomplishments of you and your colleagues let’s us celebrate the great work being done in our region, build further collaborations, and ignite excitement about research in Windsor-Essex! Here are just a few of your latest successes.

Annual Geriatric Conference

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is hosting their annual geriatric conference on February 24, 2024 from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

To view the conference agenda and register, visit the event webpage.

New Projects

Umaima Abbas, Ushra Khan, Robin Mackenzie, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Andrea Cervi, Caroline Hamm, Windsor Regional Hospital, Tzu-Fei Wang, Ottawa Hospital, Rija Fatima, University of Windsor ($2,500) CanVECTOR Research Start-Up Award. Anticoagulant Management of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis and Thrombocytopenia: A Multicenter Retrospective Review.

Ananda Amstadtler, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioural Genetics, Abigail Powers, Emory School of Medicine, Lance Rappaport, University of Windsor, Vasiliki Michopoulos, Emory School of Medicine, Christina Sherrin, Silviu-Alin Bacanu, Roseann Peterson, Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioural Genetics ($726,727 US) National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Integrating genetic and ecological momentary assessment technologies to advance models of PTSD-AUD comorbidity.

Caroline Hamm, University of Windsor, Megan Delisle, University of Manitoba, Nicole Laferriere, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Sheron Perera, Teresa Petrella, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Diane Marley ($198,825) CIHR SPOR. Enhancing the Patient Journey to Clinical Trial Enrolment with Navigation to Optimize Accrual: A Pilot Study for a pragmatic multi-centre, stepped wedge, cluster randomized controlled trial (The CTN Pilot Trial).

Yawo Kobara, University of Windsor ($1,000) UWindsor SEG Exchange-Travel Grant. Data-driven queuing system capacity estimation. To learn more about the grant, please view Volume 4 of the Odette BREW.

Publications / Articles / Presentations

Ali Z, Kukhta T, Trant J F, Sharma P (2023). An Atlas of the base inter-RNA stacks involved in bacterial translation. Biophysical Chemistry.

Cervi A, Applegate D, Stevens S M, Woller S C, Kreuziger L M B, Punchhalapalli K, Wang T F, Lecumberri R, Greco K, Bai Y, Bolger S, Fontyn S, Schulman S, Foster G, Douketis J D (2023). Antithrombotic management of patients with deep vein thrombosis and venous stents: An International registry. Journal of Thrombosis and Heamostasis.

Coyne P, Woodruff S J (2023). For Better or Worse: Understanding Smartphones and Social Media Use Among a New Generation of Young Adults and the Impact of Their Usage on Well-Being. Media Watch.

Coyne P, Woodruff S J (2023). Taking a Break: The Effects of Partaking in a Two-Week Social Media Digital Detox on Problematic Smartphone and Social Media Use, and Other Health-Related Outcomes among Young Adults. Behavioural Sciences.

Cruz E, Paré M, Stan C, Voth J, Ward L, Taboun M (2024). Caring for the caregiver: An exploration of the experiences of caregivers of adults with mental illness. SSM - Qualitative Research in Canada.

Csabai B, Pollard B A, Woodruff S J (2024). Perceived Physical Competence, Self-Esteem, and Leadership among Girls: A Program Evaluation of GOALS (Girls Organizing and Learning Sports). Adolescents.

Dufour G K, Senn C Y, Jeffrey N K (2023). Self-Reports of Sexual Violence Outside of Survey Reference Periods: Implications for Measurement. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Freer J, Somma M, Miklas E (2023). Examining the effects of the ABC Educational Intervention on students views of Disability. Accepted as a poster presentation to the 67th Annual Ontario Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Special Education Conference.

Freer J, Somma M, Miklas E, Tilbrook E, Scibetta E, Kafer T (2023). A move towards inclusion: Students' understandings of and attitudes towards disability from the ABC Education Program, presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference (CSSE).

Graham K, Bernards S, Abbey A, Senn C, Dumas T M, Trudell A, Donnelly P D, Wells S (2023). Development and validation of the C-SHADE scale for measuring perpetration of common sexually harassing and aggressive behaviours in drinking environments. Alcohol, Clinical and Experimental Research.

Housni A, Cianci R, Shulman R, Nakhla M, Cafazzo J A, Corathers S D, Yi-Frazier J P, Kichler J C, Brazeau A S (2023). Online Educational Resources for Youths Living with Type 1 Diabetes Transitioning to Adult Care: An Environmental Scan of Canadian Content. Canadian Journal of Diabetes.

Jeffrey N K, Senn C Y, Krieger M A, Forest A (2023). The scope, nature, and impact of sexual violence among students from a Canadian university: A random sample study. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science.

Kichler J C, Lucier K, Gyemi A, Papak R, Tapp K, Grandi B (2024). Recommendations for Transition to a Post-Secondary Education Setting for Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Canadian Journal of Diabetes.

Kobara Y, Rodrigues F F, de Souza P E C, Standford D (2023). ICU patient flow: To premature step-down or not? A simulation analysis. International Journal of Healthcare Management.

Kobrosli J, Tapp K, Soucie K (2024). Construction of identity in individuals with inflammatory bowel disease across the lifespan. Psychology and Health.

Punchhi G, Hussein A, Kulkarni S (2024). Real-world survival outcomes of immunotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A single-center retrospective review. Thoracic Cancer.

Senn C Y, Holden K L, Eliasziaw M, Barata P C, Radtke H L, McVey G L, Thurston W E (2023). Testing the effectiveness of a sexual assault resistance programme in "real-world" implementation. European Journal of Psychotraumatology.

Shahbazi-Raz F, Egbuta M A, Aremu B R, Mashhadi N, Tucci P, Binder J, Trant J F (2024). How impurities responsible for recalls emerge in hand sanitizers. RSC Sustainability.

Shuttleworth M, Somma M, Freer J (2023). Reflections and learning from three years of support for inclusive education in one country in the Caribbean, presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference (CSSE).

Soucie K, Scott S A, Partridge T, Hakim-Larson J, Babb K A, Voelker S (2023). Meta-Emotion and Emotion Socialization by Mothers of Preschoolers During Storytelling Tasks. Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Tanlaka E F, McIntyre A, Connelly D, Guitar N, Nguyen A, Snobelen N (2023). The Role and Contributions of Nurses in Stroke Rehabilitation Units: An Integrative Review. Western Journal of Nursing Research.

Wang T F, Delluc A, Cervi A, Hill D, Kovacs M J, Séguin C, Ramsay T, Carrier M. (2023) A survey of clinician perspectives on the management of catheter-related upper extremity deep vein thrombosis in patients with cancer. Thrombosis Research.

Young N C J, Anazodo K S (2023). Chapter 16: The Visibility of Invisibility: Exploring Criminal History Appearance and Implications to Careers. The Emerald Handbook of Appearance in the Workplace.

Appointments and Awards

Dr. Dave Andrews, Kinesiology professor, has been selected as the Teaching Leadership Chair - Educational Leadership by the Centre of Teaching and Learning, who began this 2-year position in January 2024. To learn more about this accomplishment, please visit the University of Windsor DailyNews.

Dr. Kyle Brykman, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Business, is the recipient of the Odette New Researcher Achievement Award for 2021-2022. To learn more about the award/recipient, please view Volume 4 of the Odette BREW.

Dr. Debbie Kane, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, is the recipient of the Employment Equity Award, presented by the Office of Human Rights, Equity, and Accessibility (OHREA) at the University of Windsor. To learn more about the awards and other recipients, please visit the University of Windsor DailyNews.

Dr. Lisa Porter, started her new position as Vice President Research and Scientific Director at St. Joseph's Health Care London.

Dr. Mehrdad Saif, former Dean and professor in the Faculty of Engineering, has been elevated to Fellow grade by the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), one of the institute's most prestigious honours. To learn more about his contributions and accomplishment, please visit the University of Windsor DailyNews.

In March, Nicole Sbrocca will start her new position as CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Associate, Windsor-Essex County Branch (CMHA-WECB). To learn more, visit Windsor's NewsToday article highlighting this appointment.

Congratulations everyone!

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