Keeping Our Members Informed and Connected
June 2022
Member Highlights and Successes
Letting us know about the accomplishments of you and your colleagues let’s us celebrate the great work being done in our region, build further collaborations, and ignite excitement about research in Windsor-Essex! Here are just a few of your latest successes.

New Projects

Ankur Sanjay Lambashla, Shatakshi Pachori, Snehdeep Singh. St. Clair College. Optimizing Staff Schedule for a Healthcare Facility.

Carol Strike (Co-PI), University of Toronto. Laurel Challacombe (Co-PI), CATIE. Adrian Guta (Co-PI), University of Windsor. ($321,940). CIHR Operating Grant. How the COVID 19 pandemic and overdose epidemics are changing addictions medicine: stakeholder perspectives.

Darlene Sanderson (PI), Thompson Rivers University. Noeman Mirza, University of Windsor. ($25,000). SSHRC Partnership Engage. A cultural exchange between Qwelminte Secwépemc (British Columbia) and Kua Aina Ulu Auamo (Hawaii) youth to develop knowledge translation tools for the protection of Sewllkwe-Wai (Water). 

Jalal Ahamed, University of Windsor. Strathera Inc, Montreal. ($320,000). NSERC Alliance - Missions. Development of highly stable but cost-effective timing device for integrated circuits

Marcus Drover, University of Windsor. ($25,000). Imperial Oil University Research Award. Oxygenated Fuel Products from Gaseous Carbon Waste Streams.

Marcus Drover (PI), Simon Rondeau-Gagné, Bulent Mutus, University of Windsor. Wilson Analytical. ($366,400). NSERC Alliance - Missions. Strengthening Green Energy Sources in Canada: Optical Sensors for Safe Storage and

Marcus Drover, University of Windsor. ($25,000). NSERC Alliance - International Catalyst. New Nickle Compounds for Sustainable Catalysis.

Lisa Porter (PI), Bre-Anne Fifield, Kendall Soucie, Suzanne McMurphy, University of Windsor. Caroline Hamm, Windsor Regional Hospital. Eran Andrechek, Michigan State University. ($25,000). Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Translational Platform to Dissect the Biology of Relapse for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Publications / Articles / Presentations

Caba C, Mohammadzadeh A, Tong Y. (2022). On the Study of Deubiquitinases: Using the Right Tools for the Job. Biomolecules.

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (Co-Author, Jane MacArthur). Mobilizing Evidence: Activating Change on Traffic Related Air Pollution (TRAP) Health Impacts. CAPE Reports.

Clapson M, Drover MW. (2022). Nickel upgrades nitrogen waste. Nature Synthesis.

Facchinato D, Zurakowski J, Drover MW. (2022). Rhodium disulfur and dioxygen complexes: examination of boron secondary coordination sphere effects. Journal of Coordination Chemistry.

Freeman L, Fraser J. (2022). An unusual presentation of an aggressive form of breast cancer: A case study. International Journal of Cancer Care and Delivery.

Grimmett E, Al-Share B, Alkassab MB, Zhou RW, Desai A, Rahim M. (2022). Cancer vaccines: past, present and future; a review article. Discover Oncology.

Houser C, Smith A. (2022). Summer ‘revenge travel’ could raise drowning risk at beaches, but new tech might help. The Conversation.

Zein H, Abou-Samra E, Scur M, Gutsol A, Hall C, Dasgupta B, Gharibeh L, Abujamel T, Medina-Luna D, Gamage G, Pelino T, Nemer M, Rahim M, Steinle A, Parsons B, Makrigiannis A.(2022). Clr-f expression regulates kidney immune and metabolic homeostasis. Nature Scientific Reports

Kleinplatz P, Charest M, Rosen L, Ménard AD. (2022). Optimal couple sexuality: A review of the (limited) literature. Current Sexual Health Reports.

Ocheje MU, Comi M , Yang Y, Chen Z, Liu Y, Yousefi N, Al-Hashimi M, Rondeau-Gagné S. (2022). Molecular engineering of benzothiadiazole-based polymers: balancing charge transport and stretchability in organic field-effect transistors. Journal of Material Chemistry.

Shakourian-Fard, Taimoory M, Ghenaatian HR, Kamath G, Trant JF. (2022). Effect of mono-vacant defects on the adsorption properties of deep eutectic solvents onto hexagonal boron-nitride nanoflakes. Journal of Molecular Liquids.

Appointments and Awards

Congratulations to Cody Caba (University of Windsor, Biomedical Sciences) for their Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship awarded by Mitacs and co-funded by the Parkinsons Society of South Ontario.

Marcus Drover (University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry). Emerging Leader in Coordination Chemistry, Journal of Coordination Chemistry.

Marcus Drover (University of Windsor, Department of Chemistry). Youth Editorial Board, Chemical Synthesis

Congratulations everyone!
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