Keeping Our Members Informed and Connected
October 2021
Member Highlights and Successes
Letting us know about the accomplishments of you and your colleagues let’s us celebrate the great work being done in our region, build further collaborations, and ignite excitement about research in Windsor-Essex! Here are just a few of your latest successes.

New Projects

John Trant (PI/PA), Lisa Porter, University of Windsor. ($120,000), Cancer Research Society, Early identification of Neuroendocrine-like prostate cancer using Near-Infrared Light.  (2021-2023).

Michael Crawford, University of Windsor, Katharina Clausius, University of Montreal. ($61,295), Genome Canada/SSHRC Insight Development Grant, Participatory Democracy and the Canadian Genetic Non-Discrimination Act; (2021-2023).

Munir Rahim (PI/PA), John Trant, University of Windsor, Caroline Hamm, Windsor Regional Hospital. ($120,000), Cancer Research Society, Immunosurveillance of breast cancer by innate immune cells;(2021-2023).

Yufeng Tong (PI/PA), Robert McKay, Lisa Porter, Kendall Soucie, University of Windsor. ($500,000), CIHR Operating Grant for Emerging COVID-19 Research Gap & Priorities – Testing Models/Surveillance. Optimizing a Cost-efficient and Scalable COVID-19 Early Warning System at a Strategic Canadian Land Entry Point; (2021-2022).

Jennifer Voth (Project Lead), Jason Petro, Sonya Vani, Rosie Pipitone-Middleton, Jenniffer Clifford, Janice Dawson, Bianca Pirillo, Rachel Gough, Marla Jackson, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare. COVID Recovery Program (CRP) Evaluation.

Publications / Articles / Presentations

Atkinson J, Marquardt D, DiPasquale M, Harroun T. (2021). From fat to bilayers: Understanding where and how vitamin E works. Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

Choate A, Gorey C, Rappaport L, Wirenik B, Bornovalova B. (2021). Alternative model of personality disorder traits predict residential addictions treatment completion. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Corchis-Scott R, Geng Q, Seth R, Ray R, Beg M, Biswas N, Charron L, Drouillard K, D'Souza R, Heath D, Houser C, Lawal F, McGinlay J, Menard SL, Porter LA, Rawlings D, Tong Y, Scholl M, KWM Siu, Weisener C, Wilhelm S, McKay RM. Averting an outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in a university residence hall through wastewater surveillance. Microbiology Spectrum.

Dial A, Grafham G, Monaco C, Voth J, Brandt L, Tarnopolsky M, Hawke T. (2021). Alterations in Skeletal Muscle Repair in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. American Journal of Physiology, Cell Physiology.

Gong W, Liang Q, Tong Y, Perrett S, Feng Y. (2021). Structural Insight into Chromatin Recognition by Multiple Domains of the Tumor Suppressor RBBP1. Journal of Molecular Biology.

Guo Y, Liu Q, Mallette E, Caba C, Hou F, Fux J, LaPlante G, Dong A, Zhang Q, Tong Y, Zhang W. (2021). Structural and functional characterization of ubiquitin variant inhibitors for the JAMM-family deubiquitinases STAMBP and STAMBPL1. Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Jia F, Soucie K, Matsbua K, Pratt M. (2021) Meaning in life mediates the association between environmental engagement and loneliness. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health.

Kichler JC, Kaugars AS. (2021). Kicking in Diabetes Support (KIDS) intervention effects: Parent reports of diabetes management. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology.

Laxdal R, Maharaj D, Abbaslou M, Tun Z, Banks D, Gottberg A, Marchetto M, Rodriguez E, Yamani Z, Fritzsche H, Rogge R, Pan M, Kester O, Marquardt D. (2021). A prototype compact accelerator-based neutron source (CANS) for Canada. Journal of Neutron Research.

Lewis-Laurent A, Doktorova M, Heberle F, Marquardt D. (2021) Vesicle Viewer: Online visualization and analysis of small-angle scattering from lipid vesicles. Biophysical Journal.

Li N, Dai Y, Dai S, Stzalka J, Su Q, De Oliveira N, Zhang Q, St. Onge P, Rondeau-Gagné S, Wang Y, Gu X, Xu J, Wang S. (2021). A universal and facile approach for building multifunctional conjugated polymers for human-integrated electronics. Matter.

Lubanska D, Qemo I, Byrne M, Matthews K, Fifield B, Brown J, Fidalgo da Silva E, Porter LA. (2021). The cyclin-like protein SPY1 overrides reprogramming induced senescence through EZH2 mediated H3K27me3. Stem Cells.

Ocheje M, Goodman R, Lu K, Wang Y, Galuska L, Soullard L, Cao Z, Zhang S, Yadiki M, Gu X, Chiu Y-C, Rondeau-Gagné S. (2021). Precise Control of Noncovalent Interactions in Semiconducting Polymers for High-Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors. Chemistry of Materials.

Park I, Brixi S, Martell M, Ocheje M, Pettipas R, Harris D, Gelfand B, Rondeau-Gagné S, Lessard B, Welch G. (2021). An air-stable n-type bay-and-headland substituted bis-cyano N–H functionalized perylene diimide for printed electronics. Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

Samardzic T, Soucie K, Schramer K, Katzman R. (in press). "I Didn’t Feel Normal”: Young, Canadian Women’s Experiences with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Feminism & Psychology.

Soucie K, Samardzic T, Schramer K, Ly C, Katzman, R. (2021). The diagnostic experiences of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in Ontario, Canada. Qualitative Health Research.

Soucie K, Samardzic T, Schramer K, Salam Z, Ly C. (2021). Body and symptom-related concerns in women diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome: A gap in symptom management. Journal of Health Psychology.

Appointments and Awards

Dr. Drew Marquardt (University of Windsor, Faculty of Science) appointed Faculty of Science Research Chair.

Congratulations on your appointments to Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Windsor, Department of Biomedical Sciences: Dr. Hema Gangam, Dr. Sahar Khan, Dr. Jerry Tan, and Dr. Alice Tsui.

Congratulations on your appointment to Professor of Practice, University of Windsor, Department of Biomedical Sciences: Monica Bagga, Pharm D., B.Sc. Pharm, CDE.

Local Conferences

The Great Lakes Biennial Nursing conference will be held online the afternoon of Friday Nov 19th and the morning of Saturday Nov 20th, 2021. Please see or more information regarding registration fees, abstract guidelines, and the agenda.

Caregivers to adult loved ones living with mental illness or addictions in Windsor-Essex are invited to attend the inaugural Caring for the Caregiver Conference. Scheduled on October 16 and October 23, 2021 from 9:00am to 1:00pm, this virtual event will focus on education, wellness and connections. Please see for more information on how you can attend.

Congratulations everyone!
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