Keeping Our Members Informed and Connected
December 2021
Member Highlights and Successes
Letting us know about the accomplishments of you and your colleagues let’s us celebrate the great work being done in our region, build further collaborations, and ignite excitement about research in Windsor-Essex! Here are just a few of your latest successes.

New Projects

Jalal Ahamed, Tricia Carmichael, Simon Rondeau-Gagné, University of Windsor. ($120,000). NSERC I2I (Idea to Innovation). Ultra-flexible, self-healable and high density pressure sensor array for gait pressure mapping

Kyle Brykman, Francine Schlosser, University of Windsor, Silja Hartman, Freie Universität Berlin. ($51,788). SSHRC Insight Development Grant. Entrepreneurial Team Resilience.

Shazan Amed, University of British Columbia, Meranda Nakhla, Julia Elisabeth Von Oettingen, McGill University, Ian Spencer Zenlia, University of Toronto, Jessica Kichler (Co-Applicant), University of Windsor. ($399,995). CIHR Team Grant, Building CAPACity for pediatric diabetes research and quality improvement across Canada.

Publications / Articles / Presentations

Coyne P, Staffell Z, Woodruff SJ. (2021). Recreational Screen Time Use among a Small Sample of Canadians during the First Six Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Environment and Public Health.

Doupnik N, Hirmiz K, Pan M, Hussein A. (2021). Early Stage Lung Cancer Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Outcomes in a Single Institution. Radiotherapy and Oncology. Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology Virtual Scientific Meeting.

Lubanska D, Qemo I, Byrne M, Matthews K, Fidaglo da Silva E, Porter LA. (2021). The Cyclin - Like Protein SPY1 overrides Reprogramming Induced Senescence Through EZH2 Mediated H3K27me3. Stem Cells.

Menard D, Soucie K, Jaffri S, Houser C, Cavallo-Medved D. (2021). Concordance (or Discordance) Between Students and Staff/Faculty Perceptions of Student Stress in Science. The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 

Rai N, Pan M. (2021). Anal Canal Cancer Treatment Outcomes from A Single Institution in Eighteen Years. Radiotherapy and Oncology. Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology Virtual Scientific Meeting.

Pascual-Leone A, Yakoub D, Adil D, Soucie K. (2021). “I Know What You’re Feeling…”: Narrative Observations Reveal Underlying Symptomatology. Journal of Construcivist Psychology.

Richards JR, van Wyk PM, Wood C, Shea LP, Swaine I, Levy P, Crawley J, Milne KJ, McGowan CLM. (2021). Getting the best GRIP on blood pressure control: Investigating a cost-effective isometric handgrip alternative. Journal of Chronic Illness

Appointments and Awards

Mitra Mirhassani (University of Windsor, Faculty of Engineering) Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association, 2021 Donald S. Wood Leadership Award.

Congratulations on your appointments to Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Windsor, Department of Biomedical Sciences: Dr. Amit Bagga, Dr. Jennifer Bondy, Dr. Mason Leschyna, Dr. Patricia Valcke, and Dr. Telford Yeung.

Congratulations on your appointments to Professor of Practice, University of Windsor, Department of Biomedical Sciences: David Musyj, LLB, JD.

Congratulations everyone!
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