Keeping Our Members Informed and Connected
February 2022
Member Highlights and Successes
Letting us know about the accomplishments of you and your colleagues let’s us celebrate the great work being done in our region, build further collaborations, and ignite excitement about research in Windsor-Essex! Here are just a few of your latest successes.

New Projects

Luis Rueda, University of Windsor, ITOS Oncology. ($165,000). Mitacs Accelerate Grant. COVID19 viral genome sequence analysis to track viral transmission, to understand evolution of viral genome, to develop novel diagnostic tools as well as to identify novel therapeutic targets.

Luis Rueda, Sherif Saad Ahmed, University of Windsor. ($137,500). NSERC Idea to Innovation Grant. An Intelligent Framework for Social Engineering Cyber Security Training

Meranda Nakhla, McGill University, Jessica Kichler, University of Windsor. ($300,000). Diabetes Canada. Group Education Trial to Improve Transition for Parents of Adolescents with T1D: A pilot randomized controlled, superiority trial (GET-IT for Parents).

Philip Karpowicz, University of Windsor, Neeraj Narula, McMaster University. CIHR Project Grant. ($822,375). Circadian Rhythms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Publications / Articles / Presentations

Baross A, Brook R, Kay AD, Howden R, Gaillard E, Gordon B, Milne KJ, McGowan C, Swaine I. Effects of isometric leg training on ambulatory blood pressure and morning blood pressure surge in young normotensive men and women. Nature Scientific Reports.

Bakht M, Hayward J, Shahbazi-Raz F, Skubal M, Tamura R, Stringer K, Meister D, Venkadakrishnan V, Xue H, Pillon A, Stover M, Tronchin A, Fifield B, Mader L, Ku SY, Cheon G, Kang K, Wang Y, Dong X, Beltran H, Grimm J, Porter LA, Trant JF. (2022). Identification of alternative protein targets of glutamate-ureido-lysine associated with PSMA tracer uptake in prostate cancer cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Coyne P, Ely F, Fialia O, Munroe-Chandler JK, Woodruff SJ. (2022). Effectiveness of Infographics at Disseminating Health Information During the COVID-19 Pandemic. BMC Public Health.

Demchuk M, Zurakowski J, Austen B, Nelson D, Drover MW. (2021). Competitive gold/nickel transmetalation. Chemical Communications.

Drover MW. (2022). A Guide to Secondary Coordination Sphere Editing. Chemical Society Reviews.

Edmondstone C, Pascual-Leone A, Soucie K, Kramer U. (2022). Therapist effects on outcome: Meaningful differences exist early in training. Training and Education in Professional Psychology.

Fidalgo da Silva E, Fong J, Roye-Azar A, Nadi A, Drouillard C, Pillon A, Porter LA. (2022). Beyond Protein Synthesis; The Multifaceted Roles of Tuberin in Cell Cycle Regulation. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.

Pfaff K, Krohn H, Crawley J, Howard M, Zadeh PM, Varacalli F, Ravi P, Sattler D. The little things are big: evaluation of a compassionate community approach for promoting the health of vulnerable persons. BMC Public Health.

Senn C, Barata P, Eliasziw M, Hobden K, Ratdke H, Thurston W, Newby-Clark I. (2021). Sexual Assault Resistance Education’s Benefits for Survivors of Attempted and Completed Rape. Women & Therapy.

Shang X, Zhang G, Jiac B, Almanaseer M. (2022). The healthcare supply location-inventory-routing problem: A robust approach. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review.

Upneja S, Hussein A, Moudgil D, Kulkarni S, Gupta R, Kay A, Fifield B, Ferraiuolo R, Hamm C. (2021). A retrospective single center study investigating the clinical significance of grade in triple negative breast cancer. Cancer Studies and Therapeutics.

Zurakowski J, Austen B, Drover MW. (2022). Exterior Decorating: Lewis Acid Secondary Coordination Spheres for Cooperative Reactivity. Trends in Chemistry.

Zurakowski J, Austen B, Browna K, Drover MW. (2022). Bis(1-bora-4-phosphorinane) ring closure at Cp*M (M = Fe, Co) complexes. Chemical Communications.

Appointments and Awards

Kendall Soucie (University of Windsor, Department of Psychology) Kathleen McCrone Teaching Award, University of Windsor

Mike Mckay, Lisa Porter, Sherri Lynne Menard, Yufeng Tong, Abdul Monem Al Riahi, Maria Badalova, Allison Baker, Emmanuel Boujeke, Owen Corchis-Scott, Ryland Corchis-Scott, Jackie Fong, Qiudi Geng, Kassidy Greatrex, Marissa Ho, Amr Labak, Kyle Lago, Dorota Lubanska, Janet Macisaac, Anmol Nagra, Genie Nehruji, Kenneth Ng, Ana Maria Podadera Gonzalez, Sarvnaz Sadeghi, Jesse Scott, Rajesh Seth, Kendall Soucie, Allie Szusz, Pooya Moradian Zadeh, Farinaz Ziaee (University of Windsor). Excellence in Health & Safety Award, University of Windsor.

Congratulations on your appointments to Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Windsor, Department of Biomedical Sciences: Dr. Andrea Cervi and Dr. Andreu Fernández Codina.

Congratulations everyone!
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