There's a lot going on for SQFI in 2019!
We are expanding our team, registration just opened for the 2019 SQF Conference, and we are proud to announce that the SQF Food Safety Code for Primary Production has been recognized as a procurement standard for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games! In this newsletter, we'll take a look some exciting opportunities coming up for SQFI.
1.) A look back at 2018 Food Recalls - via Food Safety Magazine
"To say that 2018 was quite a year for food safety would be an understatement. For many different reasons, food product recalls and outbreaks seemed to never cease over the past year...the following synopsis provides a fairly accurate overview regarding what’s happening and not happening with food in the U.S." Read the rest of the story on Food Safety Magazine
2.) Promoting Food Safety Upstream: FDA and the Produce Safety Rule - via Forbes
"Roughly one in six Americans gets sick from foodborne illnesses each year. According to the CDC , more than 125,000 people get so sick from the food they eat that they require hospitalization. Starting this spring, the FDA is increasing its inspections and oversight over the nation’s produce in efforts to further fight foodborne illness....." Read the rest of the story on Forbes
3.) FMI Unveils Food Safety Program Goals - via Supermarket Perimeter
"Washington, D.C.-based FMI’s Food Safety Program supports the food retail industry in selling safe food to customers every day. FMI has several member committees dedicated to food safety and the technical staff offers expertise, 24/7 crisis support and comprehensive food safety training programs for member companies. This year’s initiatives, with comments from Hilary Thesmar, FMI’s chief food and product safety officer and senior vice president of food safety programs, include..." Read the rest of the story on Supermarket Perimeter
4.) Biodiversity and Sustainability are Two Top Food Trends for 2019: The Winter Fancy Foods Show Displays New Ways of Eating and Snacking - via Consumer Affairs
"The 44th annual Winter Fancy Food Show, held in San Francisco last month, has identified key food trends for 2019. According to expert panels at the show, food is now less about taste and more about where it came from and how it was produced. "Sustainability and social good, through upcycling, ethical sourcing, diverse crops, and cause-related products, are growing ever more in popularity,” said Denise Purcell, head of content for the Specialty Food Association, the show’s sponsor. “We saw this emerging at the Summer Fancy Food Show this past June, and it's really come to life here at the Winter Fancy Food Show."..." Read the rest of the story on Consumer Affairs
5.) Frozen Food Safety That Extends From Necessity to Passion - via Food Safety Magazine
"Food safety has taken a front seat, and conscientious consumers are more dedicated to the cause than ever. This increased awareness has inspired industry leaders to make a concerted effort to revamp their food safety programs in the name of transparency. Today, however, the impetus for conversations surrounding food safety is no longer directly spurred by unsavory events within the food industry... " Read the rest of the story on Food Safety Magazine
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Auditing SQF Systems - Shanghai, China
(4 Days)
March 11, 2019 - @ 9:00am -
March 14, 2019 - @ 3:00pm
Cost: $1,300
Auditing SQF Systems - Montreal, Canada
(4 Days)
March 18, 2019 - @ 8:30am -
March 21, 2019 - @ 5:00pm
Cost: $995
Auditing SQF Quality Systems - Montreal, Canada (1 Day)
March 22, 2019 - @ 8:30am - 5:00pm
Cost: $295
Auditing SQF Systems - Sydney, Australia
(4 Days)
March 25, 2019 - @ 9:30am -
March 28 - @ 3:00pm
Cost: $1300
SQF Professional Update
Webinar (AU friendly)
April 10, 2019 - @ 6:00pm - 10:00pm US-Eastern
Cost: $150
Auditing SQF Systems - Mississagua, Ontario (4 Days)
April 22, 2019 - @ 10:00am -
April 25 - @ 5:00pm
Cost: $995
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Registration for the
2019 SQF Conference is NOW OPEN!
FMI Foundation Scholarship
 The critical issue for accredited third-party auditing in North America is to source the next generation of well-trained auditors. As a way to help fill that gap, the FMI Foundation is sponsoring scholarships to students currently enrolled in food and agricultural science majors who have a true interest in the field of accredited food safety auditing.
Visit the FMI Foundation Scholarship website to access the application and additional details. Applications are now being accepted for the 2019 / 2020 Academic Year!
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We are proud to announce that SQF Code has been recognized by the Tokyo Organizing Committee as a procurement standard for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games!
This acceptance gives SQFI the tremendous opportunity integrate a globally recognized, GFSI benchmarked food safety management standard with the Tokyo Organizing Committee’s rigorous requirements for environmental, social, animal welfare, and employee welfare. The result is increased credibility and food safety assurance for local suppliers, and enhanced food safety and quality system for one of the world's largest, most diverse, and esteemed global events.
How does SQF Certification address these requirements?
  • SQFI has developed an addendum to supplement the SQF Primary Production Code that prescribes the stringent sustainability, environmental and welfare requirements prescribed by the Tokyo Organizing Committee. 
  • Growers and producers will be required to achieve and maintain certification to the SQF Food Safety Code for Primary Production and the SQF Tokyo Sustainability addendum.
  • SQFI has integrated the SQF Food Safety Code for Primary Production and the Tokyo Sustainability Addendum (TSA) into one certification audit. SQF food safety auditors are trained and registered in the Tokyo Sustainability Addendum
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The SQFI team is expanding!
If you're familiar with the SQF program and have experience in the below areas, we welcome you to apply to become a part of our team! Check out our available positions below and apply today.
Vice President of SQFI Sales
Snapshot of Position:
  • Formulate and execute short and long-term sales plans and budgets
  • Analyze market conditions, market research, marketing research and marketing promotions/activities; identify trends and opportunities; and working with the marketing team, recommend initiatives and program enhancements.
  • Recruit and manage up to 15 SQFI sales representatives through three (3) regional team leaders, as part of an international sales team.
  • Set sales priorities and targets for international markets as diverse as China and Mexico, and will be responsible for achieving sales goals
  • Will develop and implement and overall sales plan and will be accountable for the implementation and results of that plan.
Manager of SQFI Compliance
Snapshot of Position:
  • Responsible for the oversight of the SQFI external stakeholders to the SQFI program including suppliers, auditors, certification bodies, consultants and trainers
  • Monitor and report KPI's on the SQFI program requirements including the auditor and CB performance and results of the site survey reports
  • Track and monitor SQFI recalls and food safety incidents. Report and identify areas and opportunities for improvement to the SQF Code requirements
  • Conduct basic and routine policy and procedure reviews and updates ensuring clarity, applicability and compliance. Develop, implement, modify, and oversee company monitoring plan to ensure compliance with GFSI and internal policies and procedures.
  • Develop and administer regularly scheduled audit, inspection, and sampling techniques to monitor and ensure compliance with standard practices.

Manager of SQFI Ethical Sourcing
Snapshot of Position:
  • Develop strategies for implementation of the program including oversight of technical program development, governance policies, logistics and benchmarking requirements
  • Oversee certification body (CB) activities, coordinate with the SQFI and FMI marketing teams to develop and direct overall marketing strategies and will participate in meetings and conferences
  • Oversee the financial management of the program and monitor budgetary and financial benchmarks
  • Direct efforts to gain buyer acceptance of the program.
  • Work as primary sales lead to suppliers and other important tasks to make the program a success.
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