In the world of food safety, success means working together to tackle the Herculean effort of protecting consumers and keeping the supply chain safe. In this month's newsletter we explore achievements with SQFI's Select Site program, and showcase some of the sessions and training from our largest annual event, the 2019 SQF Conference.
1.) Remarks on World Food Safety Day: Food Safety is Everyone's Business - via FDA This first World Food Safety Day is a recognition that when it comes to food safety, we all win or lose together. In a global food system and with the increase in international travel, if foodborne disease exists somewhere in the world, it can exist anywhere in the world. No nation stands alone when faced with the challenge of protecting its citizens from foodborne illnesses. This truth is reflected in the theme of this inaugural event: “Food Safety Is Everyone’s Business. [...]” - Read the rest of the story on FDA
2.) 'Dangerous': With Foodborne Illness on the Rise, USDA Seeking Privatization of Food Safety Inspection in Beef Plants - via Common Dreams " Food and Water Watch  reported  Monday that the USDA is pursuing deregulation of the food inspection system that has been used for years at beef slaughterhouses. The information came from documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The group released an  application  from beef, pork, and poultry manufacturer Tyson Foods, in which the company requested a waiver to allow Tyson employees to conduct more inspections at its beef plant in Holcolm, Kansas, instead of relying on USDA food safety inspectors.[...] " Read the rest of the story on Common Dreams
3.) How spurious food safety claims reached an audience of almost 90 million in a few days - via New Statesman
"F ood videos have become a staple of social media. Picture-perfect sandwiches piled high with impossibly arranged fillings, huge vats of cheesy, creamy pasta, and slow-motion shots of sauces drooling like Homer Simpson: all are only ever a click and a swipe away, and can be hugely profitable.A video published on Saturday 1 June had these hallmarks for social media success, then added another layer of virality. [...] " Read the rest of the story on New Statesman
4.) Antimicrobial Protection for the Food & Beverage Processing Industry - via
" Foodborne contamination in food and beverage processing plants results in losses of $10 million per year on average. What’s worse is the 43 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths that occur each year from foodborne contamination. Providing antimicrobial protection on electrical wiring devices, cords, cables and connectors is key to preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms, like E. coli, staphylococcus, listeria, and salmonella. Standard mandatory safety protocols alone, such as chemical washdowns, can’t guarantee reliable and enduring protection. [...] " - Read the rest of the story on
5.) Expert Explains Why Target, WalMart, Starbucks And Anheuser-Busch Are In On Blockchain Supply Chain - via Forbes
" As enterprise blockchain usage finds its feet, some of the most advanced and active solutions from the technology are coming in the supply chain sector. It is unsurprising, as the design of blockchain is comparable to a supply chain, and on the other side of things, the supply chain ecosystem is massive, and in need of upgrading. Recently, in the news, there has been instances of retail Giants  Walmart  and  Target  advancing their blockchain supply chain solutions. The former is focusing on track and trace of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals while the latter is piling resources into boosting the HyperLedger Grip project.[...] " Read the rest of the story on Forbes
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Join us in San Antonio this November to take advantage of the largest selection of SQF training offered in one place, at one time.
The  SQF Professional Update  is a requirement for SQF Professionals (auditors, consultants, and trainers) seeking annual re-registration with the SQF Program, but anyone is welcome to participate. Always presented by a member of SQFI’s technical team, the update covers details on the SQF Code, edition 8, results from the Compliance and Integrity Programs, a GFSI update including a bench-marking status report, and a summary of training initiatives.
The  Advanced SQF Practitioner  course is an activity-based course designed for the current SQF practitioner who is seeking further education on how to improve and maintain their company’s SQF System. The Advanced SQF Practitioner course provides the tools needed to improve and advance the food safety system in the facility and manage the ongoing maintenance of the SQF Program.
SQFI has developed the   Fundamentals Program for Food Manufacturing   for small- and medium-sized suppliers who don’t yet have a robust food safety management program in place or want to be sure their existing program meets the expectations of retailers. Participants will be guided through an exploration of the components that, along with their food safety plan, make up the SQF Fundamentals Code. This 2-day course uses a learner-centered approach to engage attendees and allow them to take ownership of their learning.
The goal of the Implementing the SQF Foodservice Code  training course is to provide knowledge of the SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice, edition 8 to the SQF professional including the practitioner and other food industry professionals.
The Implementing the SQF Foodservice Code course is a critical first step in understanding the implementation of the System Elements and Module 13 of the SQF Foodservice Code and provides an overview of certification processes. 
This one-day course is ideal for those already familiar with  quality management principles, such as SQF quality practitioners or SQF quality auditors, but who need to understand how to apply quality tools in the implementation of the SQF Quality Code . The course will address the impact of quality parameters on the site’s product and operation, assist sites in understanding how the SQF Quality Code aligns with food safety and allow learners to apply quality tools and techniques to implementation of the SQF Quality Code.
The  GFSI Auditor Competency Exam  is based on the content of the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements and is designed to assess competency across a range of skills. Beginning June 2019, auditors applying to  GFSI-recognized certification   programs such as SQFI will be required to have successfully passed an exam based on the content of the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements. Existing auditors will be required to comply by December 2021. Stay on top of the requirement by taking the examination prior to the SQF Conference.
Click the links below to explore additional classes offered at the
2019 SQF Conference in San Antonio!

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Technical, Training, and Compliance Update
  • Edition 8.1 changes for the Food Safety Codes and the Quality Codes have been delivered to the certification bodies. 8.1 will be posted on July 2nd with an implementation date of September 2nd. The Codes, change document, guidance documents and checklists will all be posted on July 2nd. The SQFI tech team will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, July 10th to review the changes to edition 8.1.
  • SQFI has two new guidance documents on Guidance for the Manufacture of Food Packaging and Storage and Distribution have been posted and are available for a free download.
  •  This month’s Code Clarification: Proficiency Testing; Proficiency testing is applicable to food safety tests conducted in-house and is to be conducted to ensure that the food safety tests are achieving consistent and accurate results. Typically this can be achieved by a round robin type testing which means sending duplicate samples to an accredited laboratory, or competent authority, to determine if the same results are achieved.
  • SQFI recently held a Learning Lunch on Proficiency Testing that explores this topic in more detail. Visit the SQFI YouTube channel to view the recorded Learning Lunch. 
Marketing, Communications, and Sales Update
  • SQFI Marketing team had the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals and stakeholders at IFT19 NOLA. We’ve made tons of connections and have come back with a better understanding on some of the issues impacting the food safety industry
  • We’re happy to announce that that SQF Foodservice code is live. Stay tuned as the Marketing team continues to work with the National Restaurant Association to educate foodservice professionals about the importance of a food safety plan!
  • We’re excited to be working with Canaan Rice, the new SQF Ethical Sourcing Manager, in order to promote the value of a Sustainable and Ethical industry.
  • We have launched some new functionality on the new and improved to assist our clients with locating Certification Bodies for their audits and Training Courses for their staff!
Business Operations, Database, and Customer Service Update
  • (1) Re-designing the registration page; (2) Improving the multi-site audit process; (3)Re-designing the public search; (4)Re-designing the finished audit report.

  • The database team will overhaul SQF's registration and public search process to put more emphasis on two critical features: multi-sites audits and search criteria. The new design will significantly improve and simplify the registration processes by allowing end-users to navigate to a separate page for different registration types. This design will also give end-users the ability to register multiple sites at one click given proper criteria are met. In regards to the audit process - our new design will improve the audit process for multi-site audits and significantly reduce the amount of time certification bodies spend on closing out audits in the database.

  • Our end-user feedback has been instrumental in our newly designed public search. We have reduced the number of filters on the basic search helping the user quickly find SQF certified sites. We also created an advance search option – giving the user the ability to narrow down their search criteria to specific details. We believe these changes will fulfil the goal of finding an SQF Certified Site with more user friendly approach.

  • Finally, we have taken a huge step in re-designing our audit report from the system. We have created a 3 level audit report design which include: summary, audit brief and full report. If the user has proper credentials and authorization, these reports can be shared with current and potential buyers. 

  • Business Operations is currently collecting all certification body and training center information about their business operation locations, to provide customers with service locations of all our partners.

Get to know Canaan Rice, Manager of SQFI Ethical Sourcing!
We are pleased to welcome Canaan Rice to the SQFI Family! We were very fortunate to find Canaan, who is a professional auditor with a number of certifications including the ability to audit organics, ISO 9000 (quality certification), HACCP, GMO and others. He has audited facilities and growers in the US and LATAM for the last 9 years, ensuring the safety of their products and environmental and social management practices. Canaan has an undergraduate degree in Spanish and Economics from the University of Iowa and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina. 
3 Interesting Facts about Canaan:
  1. I am a huge sports fan (go Seahawks!) and play basketball and volleyball.
  2. I speak 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese).
  3. I see great value in sustainability and am a strong supporter of the SQFI Ethical Sourcing Standard.
Please join us in welcoming him to the SQFI and FMI family:
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Recommendations for Food Retailers and Wholesalers on Sourcing Leafy Green
Romaine lettuce might bring several images to mind. It might remind you of a delicious Caesar Salad, it might remind you of a beautiful display of food on the family table, or it might remind you of having to pull the product twice from your supply chain and your stores without warning in April and again in November of 2018. The question we heard repeatedly was, “ How can I protect myself from having to go through that again? ” Some things are out of our control, but as a big believer to control what we can, the food and product safety team along with the FMI Food Protection Committee have put together a plan and  Recommended Food Safety Practices for Leafy Greens  to help you work with your suppliers and know what to ask for when you are purchasing leafy greens.
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What will YOU Learn at the 2019 SQF Conference?
Join your food safety peers to collaborate, communicate and celebrate as we help  shape the future of food safety together . Find  solutions  to your toughest food safety challenges at 20+ education sessions, get updates on the SQF Program and discover which trends and  emerging issues  will impact food safety professionals in the near future. 
  • Creating Order Out of Chaos - Tools and Tips for Managing your Approved Supplier Program

  • Improve your Audit Score: How to Prevent the Top 10 Audit Non-conformances

  • Practical Root Cause Analysis for Allergen Management

  • Effective Training Tools for Multi-Cultural Employees

  • How to Build Trust with Less Paper
  • Food Safety Myth Busters: The Truth Behind Common Misconceptions about PCQI

  • Ramp up your Recall Readiness:How to Successfully Navigate a Pathogen Recall

  • Do you Know What's in Your Supply Chain? Using Ingredient Standards to Protect Food Integrity

  • Communication is for the Birds! Using Personal Communication Styles to Create a Compliance-Conscious Culture
Join us in San Antonio to tackle your food safety challenges and help shape the future of food safety, together!
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FMI Foundation Scholarship
 The critical issue for accredited third-party auditing in North America is to source the next generation of well-trained auditors. As a way to help fill that gap, the FMI Foundation is sponsoring scholarships to students currently enrolled in food and agricultural science majors who have a true interest in the field of accredited food safety auditing.
Visit the FMI Foundation Scholarship website to access the application and additional details. Applications are now being accepted for the 2019 / 2020 Academic Year!
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