Spring is coming and that means new and fresh things are popping up and starting to grow. This is also true at SQFI! This month we’re introducing a new section in our newsletter that will cover SQFI department updates and recent news from the different areas of our business. We are excited to start the season off on a high note with accepting public comment for our new Code for Foodservice, as well as the relationship and brand-building we experienced at the 2019 GFSI Conference and EXPO ANTAD.  

1.) Is your Farm FSMA Ready? - via GrowingProduce.com
"The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law in 2011, and it has slowly crept toward realization. The law includes seven rules with staggered implementation dates, beginning as early as 2015. The rule that impacts fruit and vegetable growers most is the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) , but with many moving parts and complexity, the FDA has taken a step back to allow more time for the industry to prepare. [...] " - Read the rest of the story on Growingproduce.com
2.) Six Steps to a More Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chain - via Supply Chain Brain
"Consumers are more conscientious about their purchases than ever before. They expect organizations to meet a certain set of ethical standards, and supply chains aren’t exempt from scrutiny. To meet these expectations, companies must enact significant changes that ensure environmental stewardship, decreased damage, and sustainable sourcing, manufacturing and product distribution. [...]" Read the rest of the story on Supply Chain Brain
3.) Grocers Shifting Focus to Online Shopping, Need for Brick and Mortars Changing - via WHO TV
"Either you find walking into a grocery store and wandering the aisles enjoyable, or you look at it as a nightmare chore that needs to be tackled every other week. The grocery industry is having to change its mindset to better suit the needs of the latter, as a means to making shopping more convenient. Brick and mortar grocery stores won't be going away anytime soon, but the real growth is online. Is online the future of grocery shopping? [...] " Read the rest of the story on WHO TV
4.) FDA Releases its Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food - via QA Magazine
"While FDA states that the U.S. food supply is among the safest in the world and significant food safety advances are being made, a preventable level of foodborne illness continues to occur – arising from both domestically produced and imported food. For imported food, the volume and variety of imports and the complexity of global supply chains make food safety a challenging issue to address. Further complicating the issue, some exporting countries may have food safety systems different from that of the U.S. and differing levels of regulatory capacity. [...]" - Read the rest of the story on QA Magazine
5.) Perception of Food Safety by Food Manufacturers and Food Safety Professionals - via Food Safety Magazine
" Although food hazards are concrete and well-defined, the term “food safety” has different meanings for different individuals within or across different cultures. The interpretation of safety has been evolving to the point in which safety, health. and wellness can all be interrelated in people’s minds. [...] Read the rest of the story on Food Safety Magazine
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Auditing SQF Systems - Sydney, Australia
(4 Days)
March 25, 2019 - @ 9:30am -
March 28, 2019 - @ 3:00pm
Cost: $1,300
Auditing SQF Systems - Shanghai, China
(4 Days)
April 09, 2019 - @ 9:00am -
April 12, 2019 - @ 3:00pm
Cost: $1,300
SQF Professional Update Webinar (AU Friendly)
April 10, 2019 - @ 6:00pm - 10:00pm US-Eastern
Cost: $150
Auditing SQF Systems - Mississagua, Ontario (4 Days)
April 22, 2019 - @ 10:00am -
April 25 - @ 5:00pm
Cost: $995
Quality Auditing SQF Systems - Mississauga, Ontario (1 day)
April 26, 2019 - @ 8:30am - 5:00pm US-Eastern
Cost: $295
Auditing SQF Systems - Chicago, IL (4 Days)
June 17, 2019 - @ 8:30am -
June 20 - @ 5:00pm
Cost: $1300
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Technical, Training, and Compliance Update
  • SQF Packaging Guidance Documents have now been released and can be downloaded at sqfi.com.  
  • Policies and procedures were developed to gain approval as a provider of the GFSI Knowledge Exam.
  • Training material was finalized for the implementing SQF Fundamentals Code and has been delivered to the training centers. Additionally, the online Fundamentals course has launched. 
Marketing, Communications, and Sales Update
  • Registration for the 2019 SQF Conference is now open, and we have finished creating a new website for the event. Click here to visit new site.
  • We are finalizing the translation of the SQFI website into Spanish, French-Canadian, Japanese, and Chinese.
  • Our team just returned from two successful international trips to the GFSI Conference in Nice, France and also the ANTAD Expo in Guadalajara, Mexico! We met with a variety of international customers and stakeholders and are honored to have had the chance to speak at both events.
Business Operations, Database, and Customer Service Update
  • We are in the process of setting up our new data analytics tool, Tableau. This software will give us the ability for enhanced data reporting and data projection.
  • We are currently working on finding appropriate language and setup in ReposiTrak for the Safe Feed Safe Food audits, as this differs from the SQF Food safety language.
  • The customer service team has been busy fulfilling requests for database registration assistance, training overviews, invoicing and accounting issues, Certification Body assistance, and also providing general information about the SQF Program.
The SQFI team is expanding!
If you're familiar with the SQF program and have experience in the below areas, we welcome you to apply to become a part of our team! Check out our available positions below and apply today.

Manager of SQFI Compliance
Snapshot of Position:
  • Responsible for the oversight of the SQFI external stakeholders to the SQFI program including suppliers, auditors, certification bodies, consultants and trainers
  • Monitor and report KPI's on the SQFI program requirements including the auditor and CB performance and results of the site survey reports
  • Track and monitor SQFI recalls and food safety incidents. Report and identify areas and opportunities for improvement to the SQF Code requirements
  • Conduct basic and routine policy and procedure reviews and updates ensuring clarity, applicability and compliance. Develop, implement, modify, and oversee company monitoring plan to ensure compliance with GFSI and internal policies and procedures.
  • Develop and administer regularly scheduled audit, inspection, and sampling techniques to monitor and ensure compliance with standard practices.

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SQFI has been working for some months on developing the SQF Food Safety Code for Foodservice. With the help of our Foodservice Technical Working Group, Technical Advisory Committee, Certification Bodies, and Training Centers, we have now drafted edition 8 and prepared it for public comment.
FMI Foundation Scholarship
 The critical issue for accredited third-party auditing in North America is to source the next generation of well-trained auditors. As a way to help fill that gap, the FMI Foundation is sponsoring scholarships to students currently enrolled in food and agricultural science majors who have a true interest in the field of accredited food safety auditing.
Visit the FMI Foundation Scholarship website to access the application and additional details. Applications are now being accepted for the 2019 / 2020 Academic Year!
Did you know?

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Registration for the
2019 SQF Conference is NOW OPEN!
Success for SQFI at the GFSI Conference in France and Expo ANTAD in Mexico!
At the GFSI Conference in Nice, LeAnn Chuboff organized an interactive panel session featuring different CPO (Certification Program Owner) representatives. During this panel discussion, experts discussed trending topics such as confusion over terminology, auditor competency and availability, and the increase in required audits for sites. This session was a hit and we returned with some great audience feedback!
While in Mexico, members of SQF staff met with top executives from Senasica and ANTAD to discuss strengthening our relationships to ensure that the food produced by Mexican suppliers is of the highest levels of food safety and quality. Our very own Luis Cruz, SQF Representative for Mexico and Latin America, spoke about the expectations for food safety and quality for Mexican suppliers. In his presentation, he discussed the reliance on Mexico for produce exports and the need for strong food safety programs to meet retailer requirements.
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SQF Compliance /Technical (Code) Questions
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