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Welcome to the Super Issue!
Good morning, friends!  Life has been moving at lightning speed around Lattice lately.  A lot of new developments are keeping us busy so we put together this special issue to help you catch up on all the action in one place.  Enjoy! 
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Guy Cook, CEO
Lattice Biologics Ltd.

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RECAP: The Society for NeuroOncology 2016 Annual Meeting
"A Novel Platform for Engineering the Tumor 3D Microenvironment" 
Poster Presentation by Liudmila Zakharova, Sara D'Imperio, Guy S. Cook, and Christopher A. Bradley
November 17 - 20, 2016  - Scottsdale Fairmont Princess Hotel 
This week, Lattice Biologics attended the 21st Annual SNO meeting in our local Scottsdale, Arizona.  Our Product Development Direction, Christopher Bradley, Ph.D.shared Lattice's proprietary ECM technology that is making our personalized cancer screening process possible with fellow conference goers.

Background: Cancer research traditionally relies on 2D monolayer cell cultures, non-physiological systems that expose cells to inappropriately stiff surfaces and fail to reproduce in vivo cell interactions. Improving in vitro anti-cancer drug testing is possible by mimicking the cell microenvironment through engineering of the surrounding extracellular matrix (ECM). Compared to 2D, an ECM-based 3D model more closely resembles a tissue's physiological and pathological conditions. 

Study Aim: The study goals were to develop LatBioGel, a 100% human allograft ECM-based product that mimics the cell microenvironment, and to test its suitability for 3D culturing of the glioblastoma cell line U-87. Furthermore, we explored different tissue and cell culture sources for the presence of glioma cell-stimulating ECM components in order to further customize LatBioGel properties for brain tumor research.

IFATS (International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science)  2016
San Diego, CA
November 17 November 20 

Reid Park, Tucson, AZ
December 3

Phoenix Open - 3rd Annual Lattice Days on the Green
TPC Scottsdale, AZ
February 1 - February 4

Lattice Biologics Increases Size of Planned Debt-To-Equity Conversion as Investor Demand Risesincreaseshares
Following the announcement of three new strategic partnerships expected to increase national sales, service provider investment is still going strong

November 10, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ - Lattice Biologics Ltd. ( TSX-V: LBL ) ( OTCBB: BLVKF ) ("Lattice Biologics" or the "Company") announced today that-subject to approval by the TSX Venture Exchange-the Company will increase the amount of the planned conversion of debt (announced on  August 10, 2016 ) into equity of Lattice Biologics from US$474,570 to US$667,252 (the "Debt").

T he Debt is expected to be converted to equity at a conversion price of Can$0.19 per share, resulting in the issuance of approximately 4,529,878 shares (the "Shares") of Lattice Biologics (the "Transaction")...

Lattice Biologics Inks Strategic Partnerships with OA Centers of America, Resilience, and CryoportPartnerships
Exclusive AmnioVisc™ distributorships include 140 OsteoArthritis Centers of America locations and will power national sales of the amnio viscosupplement for joint pain

November 03, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ - Lattice Biologics Ltd. ( TSX-V: LBL) ( OTCBB: BLVKF) ("Lattice Biologics"), an emerging biotech leader in cellular therapies and tissue engineering, with an emphasis on bone, skin, and cartilage regeneration, is pleased to announce it has formed a new strategic alignment with AllianceMed, LLC. As a third-party revenue cycle management company,  AllianceMed serves as an advocate for physicians, medical professionals, and surgery facilities to increase the profitability of providing out-of-network benefits to patients. This partnership will help make Lattice's all natural  AmnioVisc™ amnio viscosupplement available to a greater number of osteoarthritis joint pain sufferers while increasing reimbursement potential for providers ...

Read on for more about:
    • Cryoport, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYRX, CYRXW) 
    • How it Works
    • Cutting-Edge Logistics Advantages
  • Learn More AmnioVisc™ and Order
Lattice Biologics Closes Second Tranche of Private Placement Announced on September 13, 2016sectranche
Investors contribute US$200K as the Company sees widespread interest in its newly launched AmnioVisc™ product for osteoarthritis

October 18, 2016 - Scottsdale, AZ - Lattice Biologics Ltd. ( TSX-V: LBL) ( OTCBB: BLVKF) ("Lattice Biologics" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has closed the second tranche of the non-brokered private placement of Units of the Company (the "Units") announced on September 13, 2016 (the "Offering").

The Company issued 1,320,775 Units at a price of Can$0.20 per Unit, representing aggregate gross proceeds of US$200,000.

Each "Unit" consists of one common share in the capital stock of the Company and one-half of one non-transferable common share purchase warrant of the Company (a "Warrant"). Each whole Warrant is exercisable into an additional common share at a price of Can$0.265 per share for a period of 36 months from the date of closing of the Offering. ..

Lattice Biologics Launches AmnioVisc All Natural Amniotic Fluid Supplement for Arthritic JointsAmnioVisc
An amniotic fluid based viscosupplement for all joints demonstrates lasting pain relief and improved outcomes in clinical study

October 11, 2016  - Scottsdale, AZ - See the press release that started it all!  Check out the launch of  AmnioVisc™, Lattice Biologics' minimally processed, all  natural amniotic fluid supplement for the treatment of arthritic joints.

Erica Baxter
was promoted from her role in the Quality Department to our brand new position:  AmnioVisc ™  Sales Rep.

Congratulations, Erica!
New Hires 
Jonathan Smoot - Sanitization Technician
John Vogel - Processing Technician
Angelica Scataglini - Processing Technician
Penny Cotter - Quality Assurance Coordinator

Stephan Spooner  - AmnioVisc™ Sales Rep

Congratulations to our newest Lattice Team Members!
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