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The San Antonio
A monthly newsletter for all members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul,
Archdiocesan Council of San Antonio .
President's Message ...

Dear Friends,

I have notified the SVdP National Council and the Archdiocesan Council Board that I will be resigning my position as Council President effective September 30, 2019.

This was a difficult decision for me, preceded by much prayer and contemplation. My tenure as president has been a wonderful journey, but I feel I must now serve in other ways so that I may take care of family obligations. I hope that I will have your prayers and understanding.

The Archdiocesan Council needs your help in finding a new Council President. Please pray for that leadership to step forth. A Nominating Committee has been started and is being co-chaired by Barbara Bryan ( ) and Mary Jane Arcos ( ). 

Many Blessings,

Barbara Ward
Happy Fourth of July

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation.
Conferences United In Hope ...
SVdP Conference Challenge

Calling all Vincentians, friends and families. You are hereby called to a challenge! The SVdP Conference with the greatest participation of walkers, and number of donors in this year’s FoP Walk keeps the challenge Trophy for the year!!! Last year’s winner was St. Dominic. Show you care by participating in the FoP Walk/Run. Invite your friends and family. Bring your Conference Banners! Create a cheer team to encourage the participants!
Saturday, Sept 28, 2019
Woodlawn Lake Park
Run begins at 8:00 am
Walk: Immediately after
More info at:
or email: St. Luke and St. Paul Conferences for responding to their neighbors who lost food during the power outages.
A message of appreciation from District 7 Councilwoman Sandoval:

“When a recent storm left many in my community without power for days, we turned to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to help us provide fresh food to residents who had just needed to clean out their refrigerators. We’re grateful for their ability to respond quickly and with compassion.”

Pictured above: SVdP Council Staff - Edna, Rosie, Jacqueline, and Mary Helen
Thank you so very much to all our Conference and Community Rummage Sale Volunteers; especially to the St. Benedict Conference for their kind hearts, enthusiasm, and steadfast assistance!!! the following Vincentian
Rummage Sale Volunteers:
 Bea & Charlie Remling,
Gloria & Tom Ruttan,
Ida Ayala,
Estella Ramirez,
San Juanita & Joe Tovar,
Sarah & Joe Neaves,
Santos Estrada,
Rita Vincent,
Yolanda Pina,
Jennette Hernandez,
Mary Ann Prado,
Jerry Bruge,
Pamela Nelson,
Ed & Cheryl Huth,
Rene Silk,
Mary Howard,
Maria Leslie,
and Barbara Ward.
Bea, Valerie, and Jacqueline at the Early Bird Sale enjoying Breakfast Burritos courtesy of Taco Cabana.
Charlie loading a vehicle full of purchased items.
San Juanita and the girls - volunteerism for all ages.
Santos; ever smiling and helping out wherever needed.

Shout out to our
Bistro Volunteers!

A s the SvdP-SA Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, I am fortunate to meet many big hearted people such as the teams from
St. Luke and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Selma. Your dedication to serving meals for out Courtyard Brothers and Sisters at St. Vinnys Bistro is most appreciated.

I'd love to meet folks from your conference too. If you are interested in becoming a Bistro Volunteer please contact me at .

Thank you for all you do!
Jacqueline Reed

Thank you to St. Matthew Conference and President Sylvia Guzman for hosting the recent Presidents Forum.
Spring Raffle 2019 Winners

1. Pearl Necklace: I Ortiz; 2. Italian Gift Basket: Janie Gutierrez; 3. Custom Handbag: Margaret Luna;
4.  DIY Jelly Basket: Emily Paganucci;   5.  Jelly Breakfast Basket: Fernando Chacon;  6.  Visa Gift Card: Kathy Rios;   7. Valero Gift Card: Lisa Boston;  8.  James Avery Gift Set: Virginia Kotara;  9.  James Avery Gift Set: Sylvia Garcia; 10. Spurs Memorabilia: Barbara Petolillo;  11.  Handmade Jewelry Set: Thelma Martinez.

A Perfect Storm Of Caring 
shared by
St. Francis of Assisi Conference

 Last week there was a soft knocking at the back door of our St. Vincent de Paul office. We let in a young lady just exhausted and near tears. “Am I on time?” she pleaded. Well the clock had struck closing time two minutes ago, but we were in the business of helping people so in she came. She had come to get some bags of groceries and to see if we could help her with paying her CPS bill.

While getting her processed into the system, we asked why she was so exhausted and anguished. The last part was easy, the electricity was about to be turned off and there was no food. She had no car and depended on the bus which picked that day to be late. Knowing she had to make our closing time, she decided to run and walk to our office. Half way she fell and a homeless man helped her up and asked where she was running to.  He told her she would never make it on foot and gave her his bike to ride. He would walk along and retrieve his bike later. 

While she was waiting for her food bags another lady who also was receiving our help asked if she was going to walk or take the bus home with three grocery bags. Our young lady just had not solved that problem yet. The second lady generously offered to wait for her and then drive her home. As they were finally leaving, the homeless man arrived to collect his bike.

How wonderful can it get! Three strangers, all a little down on their luck, cared enough for each other to pull off a minor miracle. Americans are known as the most charitable people on Earth and this story shows that it is not just the rich who donate from their largess, but also the poor who sacrifice to help their neighbors. Perhaps there is a life lesson here for all of us. We can hope so. 
News and Notes ...
The Society of St Vincent de Paul San Antonio
is honored to be one of the recipients of the
"Change the Way We Give Campaign."
Center Left: Valerie Finley, SVdP-SA Executive Director,
with other chosen recipients for the program.
The “ Change the Way We Give” alternative giving campaign is a meaningful way that residents can compassionately give to organizations serving people experiencing homelessness in lieu of donating to people directly on the streets. This initiative will be executed through a secured online mobile giving application, where donors can be assured they are giving directly to Homeless Continuum of Care Lead Agency, the South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless (SARAH) who will equitably distribute 100% of the funds to participating agencies serving people experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless. The funds collected will help fill gaps in San Antonio’s homeless response system such as homeless prevention, homeless rapid resolution, shelter diversion and outreach efforts . Let’s Change the Way We Give Today!
to donate today!
You can make a difference while you shop Amazon Prime Day deals on July 15 & 16.

Simply shop at

and AmazonSmile donates to
Society of St. Vincent de Paul of San Antonio 
Click on the car above or the link below for more information.
Free Twin Mattresses available for a limited time.
The Society of St Vincent de Paul San Antonio has received twin mattresses from the House in a Box program. These new Tempurpedic mattresses are to be donated to our brothers and sisters in need.*

Conferences will be responsible for picking up all mattresses since we do not have a delivery service available. Once your request is submitted and approved you will be notified of the pick-up location and contact information.

For more information please contact your Conference or District President.

*Please note: mattresses are not-for-resale; a box spring is not included.
Celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Anne on July 26, 2019
July is a busy month filled with many celebrations:

  • Independence Day (July 4)

  • World Chocolate Day (July 7)

  • Bastille Day (July 14)

  • Amelia Earhart Day (July 24)

  • International Day of Friendship (July 30), etc.

  • And...also, the Feast Day of St. Anne (July 26)

We don’t know that much about St. Anne, but we know this: she was the only woman who gave birth to the Immaculate Conception.

Confused? Oh, don’t be. In case you don’t know what the Immaculate Conception is, here’s what it isn’t. It isn’t Christ being born without the benefit of sex. No, that’s what we call the Virgin Birth.

The Immaculate Conception is the conception of Mary, in the womb of her mother, Anne, in the regular way, but without the stain of Original Sin.
So she could be born pure.
How amazing. But that isn’t all. Anne is the grandmother of Jesus, and that means God in also her grandson. He still had to listen to her! She’s also the mother-in-law of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and Mary’s husband.

Anne was born in Bethlehem and married Joachim from Nazareth in Galilee. We don’t know this from the Bible, because Anne’s name is never mentioned. But she is talked about in the Gospel of St. James, which was written about 150 years after she was around. We know the name Anne comes from the Hebrew name Hannah, which means Grace. We imagine Joachim was a shepherd, a common profession in those days.

They were an older couple, and then an angel appeared to Anne and said she was chosen to have this very special little girl. She must have been thrilled, and a little nervous.

Since we know Mary knew how to sew, we imagine Anne was the one who taught her. And Anne likely took care of Jesus when he was a child, so Mary and Joseph could have a night out. She might have even witnessed his first miracles. And she probably scolded him when he didn't pay attention, or finish his dinner. And she passed down stories. Like all grandmas.
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Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering in the tradition of its founder,
Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, and patron, St. Vincent de Paul.
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