September Tutor Tasks
  • Build strong relationships with children and the teaching team.
  • Fill out a Literacy & Math Rich Schedule with the Lead Teacher.
  • Reach integrity and reliability on the PELI assessment. The coaches will be conducting integrity checks during the week of September 16th. 
  • Embed 3 of the Big 5 Transition Songs* into the Daily Schedule     
  •    * These are "traveling songs" done during transitions.
  • Discuss classroom behavior management expectations and strategies with the Lead Teacher.
  • Practice doing a Repeated Read  Aloud with 2-3 children daily.
  • Meet expectation for ELLCO #12 Book Area & #16 Quality Reading.

Fall Benchmark Window:
Fall PELI's will be done September 23rd-October 4 th . Please make sure the tutors have the time, space and a computer to complete the data entry on-site.

Upcoming Events:
Mon., Sept. 16 th Tutor’s 1 st Day 
Tuesday, Sept. 17 th 2:30-4:30 Reading Corps and Raising a Reader Training (tutors will miss afternoon sessions)