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The Sapphire Prism Cave
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"The reader, too, through Leschner's vivid and fanciful descriptions, his bold imagination, and his genuine gift of wonderment, experiences a kingdom of truth and beauty, as well as danger and courage."


Patrice Adcroft, Former Editorial Director, Discover Magazine


The Sapphire Prism Cave by Peter M. Leschner takes you on a soaring journey of the heart and imagination. James and Julia, spirited, fun loving 11-year-old twins, stumble upon an incredible cave filled with multi-colored, magic crystals which endow them with special powers that touch and transform their childhood in wonderful ways. Everything changes when James is mysteriously drawn through a hole in the cave's ceiling and transported through a space vortex to a planet in a distant galaxy. There he uses his newfound powers to surmount challenges he encounters in the enchanted kingdom he discovers. Back home, Julia and her family attempt to unlock the mystery of James' disappearance. Will James and Julia be reunited after being separated by time and space? Join them on their adventures and find out!


The Sapphire Prism Cave is Book 1 of the A Journey Through The Space Vortex trilogy.





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Peter M. Leschner