Reductions or removals? Why science — not just market forces — must shape our pathway to net zero
New York Climate Week kicked off with confirmation that corporate net zero commitments have increased threefold over the last year, from 500 at the end of 2019 to 1,541 in 2020. With net zero quickly becoming the standard for climate action, there is more pressure on companies than ever before to ramp up climate action. To turn this ambition into actions that will keep us on track to reach net zero by 2050 and cap global temperature rise to 1.5°C, we need a common, science-based definition of what the goal means for business and clarity on how companies can apply the concept. This means understanding the science behind CO2 reductions and CO2 removals.

Sustainable Packaging Initiative for Cosmetics
The second year of SPICE, co-founded by Quantis and L'Oréal, has created some game-changing solutions for the future of the beauty industry. First up, we've got the SPICE Tool, a powerful ecodesign platform that empowers cosmetics packaging engineers to make more resilient design choices. Next, we've published a set of best practices for communicating packaging sustainability information to consumers. It's an exciting time for cosmetics sustainability, and as our CEO Dimitri says — “We’re just getting started!”

Tune in to our webinar on November 5 to discover how the SPICE Tool is ushering in a new era for sustainable cosmetics packaging.

Best practices to build food system resilience
2020 has raised the alarm on the need for immediate and system-level change. Today's food system is a major driver of impacts, accounting for 28% of global GHG emissions, making food and beverage businesses uniquely positioned to lead this shift. To improve the health of the planet and build business resilience, we'll need to go further, faster, moving beyond incremental improvements to business model transformation with bolder commitments and rapid deployment.

Dig in to the Quantis Food Report's 100+ pages of insights to find out how your business can push for progress on top priorities such as deforestation, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, food loss & waste to cultivate a sustainable and resilient food system.

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The latest from Quantis
Quantis advises on SBTs for Nature

Launching SBTs for Nature is
a massive step for corporate sustainability strategies aligned with science. We’re excited to have contributed to SBTN's (Science Based Targets Network) trail-blazing project to protect and restore nature.

The NEC metric
awarded “Impact Initiative of the Year”

This robust tool offers the financial community a revolutionarily new way to measure the environmental impact of economic activities. Congrats to the entire NEC team for this recognition!

New guidance on measuring plastic pollution

Quantis and partners launch a first-of-its-kind methodology and guidance for countries, regions and cities to identify plastic leakage hotspots and locate their impacts along the value chain.

Quantis is growing: put your skills to work with us
We are curators of talent. In these critical times, we're looking for change-makers to take on new, strategic roles that will enable us to accelerate progress on our ambitious mission and level up our positive impact on the planet.

If you want your next career move to be with a growing, dynamic, international team, we'd love to hear from you.

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Meet Murielle: steward + catalyst
(aka Group Finance Director)